What can I do with old building blocks?

What can I do with old building blocks?

7 Beautiful New Uses For Tired Old Blocks

  1. Chore Dice. Need a little help around the house?
  2. Kids Building Block Coat Hanger.
  3. Nursery or Kids Room Decor.
  4. Homemade IQ Blocks.
  5. DIY Stamps.
  6. Party Decorations.
  7. Alphabet Blocks Ornaments.

What to make using blocks?

25 Activities Using Blocks

  1. Build a Tower with blocks.
  2. Play tetris with blocks made of unusual shapes.
  3. Pair blocks with play dough for some super construction fun.
  4. Take your blocks outside and try out these ideas from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.
  5. Engineer a castle in the block corner with Fun-A-Day.

What do you do with letter blocks?

10 ABC Block Play ideas

  1. Stack towers. For toddlers, simply practicing stacking one block on top of the other is a great challenge.
  2. Get physical.
  3. Practice sequencing.
  4. Spell simple words.
  5. Stamp out words.
  6. Introduce early math concepts like measuring.
  7. Match animals or other toys to the letter.
  8. Set the table.

How do you make DIY alphabet blocks?


  1. Start by tracing your blocks on your scrapbook paper. I used 12 small sheets of paper in six different colors/patterns.
  2. Paint the wooden blocks.
  3. Cut out your squares.
  4. Choose six squares per block.
  5. Glue them on.
  6. Cut out your letters.
  7. Adhere the letters.
  8. Let your blocks dry completely.

What wood is best for walls?


  • Hickory: One of hardest North American woods, it shows the grain and looks good on floors as well as walls in cottages.
  • White oak: Grey colour works well in modern homes.
  • Red oak: Super durable, this wood was used for parquet and thin-strip wood flooring in homes built in the 1970s and earlier.

What kind of paint do you use on wood blocks?

Wood blocks. Acrylic or house paints. Paintbrushes. Child proof paint sealant (optional)

How do you seal wood blocks?

Linseed Oil and Tung Oil Tung and Linseed Oil are the more durable oils for protecting wooden toys. Penetrating “drying oils” polymerize, leaving a durable yet matte finish. They do change the color of the wood, with tung oil producing the darkest color change, followed by linseed, then hemp, then walnut.