What car is similar to a Skoda Fabia?

What car is similar to a Skoda Fabia?

The other main rivals both hail, like the Fabia, from the Volkswagen Group: the Seat Ibiza and the VW Polo. The Ibiza is both great to drive and remarkably spacious.

Is Polo same as Fabia?

Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.4 TSI DSG The Volkswagen Polo GTI and the Skoda Fabia vRS are pretty much the same car. They share the exact same engine, the exact same 7 speed DSG transmission, and both will hurl you down the road at a respectable pace. If you’re a keen driver, though, the VW GTI is the car for you.

Is Fabia like polo?

The Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Polo are too frighteningly similar cars. They’re both built on the same platform, using the same engines and occupying the same segment of the marketplace.

Is Skoda Fabia discontinued?

Skoda is reportedly going to discontinue the Skoda Fabia in the Indian market. The Fabia which was once the premium hatchback of the country will no longer continue to be sold, owing to losses made on the car.

Are parts for Skoda expensive?

Renaults, Skodas, Fiats and Fords rank among the cheapest cars to repair, according to a new survey. The most expensive make of car to repair is Porsche at an average cost of £717.36 while, despite an excellent reliability record, Mazda comes in second at £481.26.

Is Skoda Fabia a comfortable car?

This car has been very reliable. It is comfortable over long distance journeys of 2 hours or more. The running costs of this diesel version are about half what I used to spend on my previous skoda fabia which had a smaller petrol engine.

Is Skoda a Chinese company?

Škoda Auto a.s. (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃkoda] ( listen)), often shortened to Škoda, is a Czech automobile manufacturer established in 1925 as the successor to Laurin & Klement and headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. Škoda Works became state owned in 1948.

Is a Fabia bigger than a polo?

The Fabia is the largest of the three, and that means it’s the most practical as well. The back seats are spacious for a small car like this and even adults can sit in comfort.

Is Skoda reliable?

Skoda are very reliable. So reliable, in fact, that they’ve topped quite a few dependability tables in the past few years. The Telegraph placed Skoda at the top of their dependability table in 2016 and 2017. Skoda had just 66 problems per 100 vehicles which is down from the 77 problems per 100 vehicles last year.