What caused THQ to go bankrupt?

What caused THQ to go bankrupt?

After years of financial struggles, stock value drop, and debt, THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2012 and commenced liquidation of its assets the following month. Several properties were auctioned to other companies, while the remaining staff were fired.

Is THQ Nordic bankrupt?

After entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy and launching a bid to keep the company together by selling out to a single bidder, THQ saw its game development studios and properties sold off individually at auction this week to bidders including Ubisoft, Sega and Crytek.

Does EA own THQ?

Originally named Nordic Games, as was the parent company, both companies were renamed THQ Nordic in August 2016 after the parent company had acquired the “THQ” trademark in 2014….THQ Nordic.

Logo in use since August 2016
Formerly Nordic Games GmbH (2011–2016)
Website thqnordic.com

What did THQ make?

THQ was an American video game publisher. The company published both internally created and externally licensed content in its product portfolio. THQ’s internally created game series included Darksiders, De Blob, Destroy All Humans!, MX vs. ATV, Red Faction, and Saints Row, among others.

Is Deep Silver still in business?

In May 2021, Deep Silver and Koch Media, part of Embracer Group since 2018, announced that Free Radical Design had been re-founded. Work on a new part of the TimeSplitters series is to begin before the end of 2021.

Who owns THQ Nordic?

Embracer GroupTHQ Nordic / Parent organization

Are LJN games that bad?

Almost every game LJN released is broken on some level. Some of them are tediously easy. Most of them are impossibly difficult. A large percentage of them have virtually nothing to do with their source material besides the packaging and, sometimes, the design of their main character.

What is Deep Silver working on?

Deep Silver Working On New TimeSplitters Game With Studio Formed By Original Creators. Deep Silver reformed the studio behind the TimeSplitters franchise, Free Radical Design, and they will be working on a new TimeSplitters game. The studio will be head by its original founders, Steve Ellis and David Doak.

What does LJN stand for?


Acronym Definition
LJN Law Journal Newsletters (American Law Media)
LJN Laughing Joking Numbnuts (toy company)
LJN Los Jinetes Negros (Spanish: Black Riders)
LJN Lewis J. Norman (toy and video game company)

Who currently owns LJN?

In 1985, MCA, which had been actively acquiring companies in the mid-1980s, acquired LJN for $66-67 million in an effort to retain more profits from the merchandising of its film properties. LJN began publishing video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

Why did LJN make so many bad games?

This is due primarily to the huge gaps within the company’s quality control. This resulted in games that suffered from a wide variety of glitchy graphics, monotonous music, poor controls or non-intuitive game play.

Who owns the Nordic?

Current two (of three) co-owners Steve Persson and Nancy Persson Log. Musk ox trophy from Steve and his father. The Nordic Lodge logo.