What club is Kieran McGeeney?

What club is Kieran McGeeney?

McGeeney played football with his local club Mullaghbawn Cúchullain’s in Armagh and also for Na Fianna club in Dublin….Kieran McGeeney.

Personal information
Sport Gaelic football
Position Centre half-back
Born 18 October 1971 Mullaghbawn, County Armagh
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)

How long has Kieran McGeeney been Armagh manager?

Kieran McGeeney has been reappointed as Armagh senior football manager for the 2022 season. McGeeney has already served seven years in the role and was given a two-year extension in 2019 with the option of an additional season, which he has now been granted by the county board.

What age is Kieran McGeeney?

50 years (October 18, 1971)Kieran McGeeney / Age

Who is the manager of Armagh?

Kieran McGeeney
Armagh’s home ground is the Athletic Grounds, Armagh. The team’s manager is Kieran McGeeney. The team last won the Ulster Senior Championship in 2008, the All-Ireland Senior Championship in 2002 and the National League in 2005.

Is Kieran McGeeney married?

Maura O’RahillyKieran McGeeney / Spouse (m. 2014)

Who does Kieran McGeeney manage?

Armagh manager
Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney. KIERAN MCGEENEY WILL remain in charge of Armagh for the 2022 campaign after a one-year extension to his term was ratified by the county board last night.

How many All Irelands have Armagh won?

Crossmaglen have won the Armagh Senior Football Championship on 45 occasions, the Ulster Senior Club Football Championship on 11 occasions, and All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship on six occasions….Clubs.

Club Name Éire Óg Craigavon GAA
Irish Name Éire Óg
Senior Armagh Titles 0
Provincial Titles 0
All-Ireland 0