What device did Torricelli invent?

What device did Torricelli invent?

Evangelista Torricelli, (born Oct. 15, 1608, Faenza, Romagna—died Oct. 25, 1647, Florence), Italian physicist and mathematician who invented the barometer and whose work in geometry aided in the eventual development of integral calculus.

What was the exact date of Torricelli’s death?

Torricelli died of fever, most likely typhoid, in Florence on 25 October 1647, 10 days after his 39th birthday, and was buried at the Basilica of San Lorenzo. He left all his belongings to his adopted son Alessandro.

What did Evangelista Torricelli contribution to the atomic theory?

Torricelli predicted that the height of the mercury column would change from day to day as the pressure of the atmosphere changed. Today, his apparatus is known as a barometer, from the Greek baros, meaning “weight,” because it literally measures the weight of the atmosphere.

What is the contribution of Isaac Newton in science?

An influential figure of the Scientific Revolution is Sir Isaac Newton. He made many advancements in the field of science and mathematics, he discovered Gravity, developed the three basic laws of motion, and co-development of Calculus.

Who discovered Airweight?

Galileo described a method of measuring the weight of the air in detail, but for reasons that are not clear his result was in error by a factor of about two. Torricelli surmised that the pressure of the air might be less on mountains, but the first demonstration of this was by Blaise Pascal.

What was Newton’s first discovery?

First published in 1687, Newton’s law of universal gravitation theorized that all particles exert a gravitational force and that gravity — affected by both mass and distance — universally commands the movements of everything from terrestrial rain to planetary orbits.

Why is mercury used in Torricelli’s experiment?

Torricelli concluded that the mercury fluid in the tube is aided by the atmospheric pressure that is present on the surface of mercury fluid on the dish. He also stated that the changes of liquid level from day to day are caused by the variation of atmospheric pressure.