What did Flip Wilson Geraldine used to say?

What did Flip Wilson Geraldine used to say?

The devil made me do it
Her trademark quips — ”When you’re hot, you’re hot; when you’re not, you’re not,” ”The devil made me do it” and ”What you see is what you get” — became national catch phrases, part of everyone’s vocabulary in the 1970’s, when Mr. Wilson’s variety show became one of America’s best-watched programs.

Who was Flip Wilson’s female character?

Geraldine Jones
Geraldine Jones is a fictional African American character and the most famous recurring persona of comedian Flip Wilson. Geraldine was played as a sassy and liberated Southern woman who was coarsely flirty yet faithful to her (unseen) boyfriend “Killer”.

How old was Flip Wilson when died?

64 years (1933–1998)Flip Wilson / Age at death

How can I watch The Flip Wilson Show?

Watch Flip Wilson Show | Prime Video.

What did Flip Wilson do after his show was Cancelled?

After Wilson left the show in 1974, he went into semi-retirement, appearing in specials and in movies like Uptown Saturday Night (1974) and The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979).

How much was Flip Wilson worth when he passed away?

Flip Wilson Net Worth

Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Dec 8, 1933 – Nov 25, 1998 (64 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter
Nationality: United States of America

What was Flip Wilson’s net worth when he died?

How did Flip Wilson died?

He was 64. Wilson died of liver cancer, said Angie Hill, the comedian’s assistant. He had undergone surgery Oct. 2 for a malignant tumor that was close to his liver.

What did Flip Wilson died of?

liver cancer
Flip Wilson, who became the first successful black host of a television variety show with his turns as sassy Geraldine, the Rev. Leroy and other characters he mined for ethnic humor, died yesterday. He was 64. Wilson died of liver cancer, said Angie Hill, the comedian’s assistant.

Why was Flip Wilson show Cancelled?

At the time of its release, shows that depicted family life with core values were slim and considered to be going out of style. In fact, network executives were leery on the concept of the television series. They were proven wrong and The Flip Wilson Show on a competitive network was bumped out of the top spot.

Why did Flip Wilson quit his show?

What is Flip Wilson’s real name?

Clerow Wilson
Flip Wilson, byname of Clerow Wilson, (born Dec. 8, 1933, Jersey City, N.J., U.S.—died Nov. 25, 1998, Malibu, Calif.), American comedian whose comedy variety show, The Flip Wilson Show, was one of the first television shows hosted by an African American to be a ratings success.

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Did Flip Wilson have a wife?

Tuanchai MacKenziem. 1979–1984
Lovenia Patricia Wilsonm. 1957–1967
Flip Wilson/Wife