What did Mr Shido do to REI?

What did Mr Shido do to REI?

Shido flunked Rei without hesitation, hoping that it would bring him to achieve his ultimate goal. During his time at Fujimi, Shido was the coach of a track team consisting of Tsunoda, Yuuki Miku, Yamada, Kawamoto and Taniuchi.

What did Mr Shido do in high school of the dead?

Plot. It was implied by Hirano that Shido allowed bullies to beat him up as he watched with glee. It is assumed that the former’s story is true because he pointed the nail gun at Shido without blinking or hesitating to punch a nail wound to his face.

Are there lesbians in Highschool of the Dead?

Kawamoto has lesbian sex with Taniuchi and also with Miura. Shido gives another speech on how his students are angels who will lead the new world and about how he is hoping that the students can purify him of his sins.

What did Koichi Shido do?

Prior to the zumbie apocalypse, Koichi was a ruthless teacher who often bullied or motivated his students, as he allowed the attackers to school Hirano. And during the apocalypse, he and his students get on a bus where he would brainwash them because of some admiring Shido as in Kawamoto’s case.

Why did Rei and Takashi break up?

Rei has held deep affection for Takashi since they were in kindergarten and has always liked him, even promising to marry him when they were kids. However, him ignoring her after she was held back in school caused Rei to believe that he had abandoned her, hence why she left him for Hisashi.

Are Rei and Takashi together?

Takashi was best friends with Rei from the time they were both small children. Rei made a promise to marry him when they were children, but, due to Takashi’s inability to admit his feelings for her, she turned her attention away from him and towards Hisashi instead.

Why did Rei dump Takashi?

Who married Saeko Haikyuu?

Picture this, a world where Akiteru and Saeko get married. Then Tanaka and Kiyoko also get married. So Tsukki and Tanaka become brothers-in-law. Even though it seems like those two hate each other, I just know that if you left them alone together they would team up to intimidate people and then laugh about it.