What did the Athenians value about their lifestyle?

What did the Athenians value about their lifestyle?

The Athenians valued education and the arts and believed that educated people made the best citizens.

What is the quality of life in Athens?

Great quality of life Along with the great food and low cost of living, the quality of life in Athens is very high. The city is safe compared to many major cities in Europe and much more peaceful. Aside from the city’s historical influence, the city boasts a large commercial area home to many big-name brands.

What was Athens family life like?

At Athens as elsewhere in Greece the family household, known as the oikos, was the basic unit of society. The oldest male was the head of the oikos, which consisted of his wife, his sons and unmarried daughters, the sons’ wives and children and the slaves.

How was living in Athens different from living in Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by two kings, who ruled until they died or were forced out of office. Athens was ruled by archons, who were elected annually. Thus, because both parts of Athens’ government had leaders who were elected, Athens is said to have been the birthplace of democracy. Spartan life was simple.

How was life in Athens different from life in Sparta?

The main difference between Athens and Sparta is their government, economy, and society. Athenian society, which was based on trade, valued art and culture and was ruled under a form of democracy. Spartan society, on the other hand, was a militant society whose economy was based on farming and conquering.

What was the most important aspect of life in Athens?

The most important aspect of life in Athens was slavery because one-third of the population of Athens, about 100,000 people, were enslaved. Most Greek households could not run without slaves. At homes they cooked and served food, tended children and wove cloth.

What are the pros and cons of living in Athens?

Pros and Cons of Moving to Athens

  • – CON: Much of the city’s accommodation is pricey.
  • + PRO: Though harder to find, more affordable options exist.
  • + PRO: Incredible historical sites.
  • – CON: Crowded during holiday season.
  • + PRO: Amazing food.
  • + PRO: Robust public transport system.
  • – CON: Not the best city to drive in.

Where do families live in Athens?

Syntagma Square – Where to Stay in Athens for first-timers.

  • Koukaki – Athens Neighborhood for a Local Experience.
  • Kolonaki – Where to Stay in Athens for Luxury and Shopping.
  • Metaxourgeio – A Great Central Location in Athens.
  • Psyri – Where to Stay in Athens for Nightlife.
  • Plaka – The Best Place to Stay in Athens.
  • What was education like in Athens?

    The primary purpose of Athenian education was to produce thinkers, people well-trained in arts and sciences, people prepared for peace or war. Young Athenian boys were tutored at home until the age of six or seven, and then they were sent to neighborhood schools for primary education until they were 14 years of age.

    What was the economy like in Athens?

    The Athenian economy was based on trade. The land around Athens did not provide enough food for the entire city’s people. But Athens was near the sea, and it had a good harbor, so Athenians traded with other city-states and some foreign lands to get the goods and natural resources they needed.

    Why living in Athens is better than Sparta?

    Compared to the simple lifestyle of the Spartan people, Athenians had a very modern and open outlook. Unlike Sparta, in Athens, boys were not forced to join the army. As an Athenian, one could get a good education and could pursue several kinds of arts and sciences.

    What was daily life like for girls in Athens?

    In Athens, women generally couldn’t own property, couldn’t vote, and weren’t allowed to participate in the government. In other city-states, women had a few more rights, but still had less rights than men. Women usually had no say in who they married. They were “given” in marriage by their father to another man.

    Is Athens safe to live?

    OVERALL RISK : LOW. Athens is considered a very safe city, even for solo female travelers. The crime rate is very low and as long as you take normal precautions, you will feel safe here. Most visits are trouble-free, but the theft of passports and wallets are common on the metro and in crowded tourist sights.

    What were Athens advantages?

    The Athenians were stronger because they had a better geography, government, cultural achievements, and I would rather live in the Athens. Athens had a geographic advantage because they were very superior. The Athens lived by the Sea which was an advantage because they had an excellent trading system.

    What was Athens culture?

    Ancient Athenians were a thoughtful people who enjoyed the systematic study of subjects such as science, philosophy, and history, to name a few. Athenians placed a heavy emphasis on the arts, architecture, and literature. The Athenians built thousands of temples and statues that embodied their understanding of beauty.

    What was Athens economy like?