What do different Colour resistance bands mean?

What do different Colour resistance bands mean?

Red resistance bands are used for muscle work such as legs, back, and chest. BLUE. Blue resistance bands are much stiff and are heavy resistance. They’re harder to pull and require quite a bit of strength compared to their less intense counterparts.

Which Colour resistance band is best?

Depending on the brand of resistance band, the most common colors include yellow, green, red, blue, black, silver and gold, with yellow being the lightest and gold the strongest.

What are the different strengths of Colours of bands?

Theraband Resistance Band Colors Explained

  • Yellow Resistance Band (SKU 101236)- 1-6 pounds of resistance (lightest)
  • Red Resistance Band (SKU 101237) – 2-7 pounds of resistance (light)
  • Green Resistance Band (SKU 101238)- 2-10 Pounds of resistance (light-medium)

What are the different levels of resistance bands?

The four main categories of resistance found in resistance bands are: light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy. People often graduate to a higher level of resistance as their muscle tone and overall body strength improves through regular workouts.

How do I choose an exercise band?

Buy a Variety of Bands Most bands are color-coded according to tension level (e.g., light, medium, heavy, very heavy). 3 It’s best to have at least three—light, medium, and heavy—since different muscle groups will require different levels of resistance. A favorite for many exercisers are SPRI bands.

How many pounds are green resistance bands?

4.6-6.7 lbs
Each band measures 5 Foot long X 5 Inch wide and comes in three color-coded resistance levels: Yellow-3-4.3 lbs.; Red-3.7-5.5 lbs.; Green-4.6-6.7 lbs.

How many pounds is green resistance band?

Resistance Bands: Weight, Length and Care Instructions

Teal = 5 lbs Red = 30 lbs
Purple = 10 lbs Yellow = 35 lbs
Pink = 15 lbs Green = 40 lbs
Magenta = 20 lbs Blue = 45 lbs
Orange = 25 lbs Black = 50 lbs

What color resistance band is easiest?

Thera-Band Resistance Band Colors

Color Resistance Muscle Group
Yellow Thin/Easy/X-Light Shoulders and Shines
Red Light Biceps and Triceps
Green Medium Legs, Chest & Back
Blue Heavy Legs, Chest & Back