What do gerbils need in their enclosure?

What do gerbils need in their enclosure?

Gerbils need: A suitable gerbilarium or tank – this is different to a hamster cage – with lots of tunnels to explore and some bedding. Access to regular food. A constant supply of water.

What accessories do gerbils need?

Gerbil Supplies & Accessories

  • Food.
  • Bedding & Litter.
  • Cages & Habitats.
  • Treats.
  • Beds, Hideouts & Toys.
  • Grooming & Health.
  • Harnesses & Carriers.

Is a 10 gallon tank big enough for 2 gerbils?

Choose an aquarium the right size for the number of gerbils you plan to keep. Keep one or two gerbils in a 10-gallon aquarium, three in a 15-gallon aquarium, four or five in a 20-gallon aquarium and six in a 30-gallon aquarium.

What do gerbils like to play with?

Gerbils love to chew. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll is one of a gerbil’s favorite things. Some people have expressed concern about the types of glue used in these—and now colorful safe (and a bit more sturdy and long-lasting) cardboard tubes are made for pets to play with.

Do gerbils like multi level cages?

While there is nothing wrong with one level cages, it is better to give your gerbil more room so that they can get the exercise they need. After all, you wouldn’t like to sleep, eat, and run around in your bed, so a gerbil will certainly appreciate some more space too.

Are wire cages bad for gerbils?

You don’t want to house your gerbils in a cage made of wood. Wire cages don’t work well either, because gerbils tend to dig, and the metal could cause an injury. For many gerbils, a 20-gallon fish tanks makes a great home, or you may choose a plastic gerbil home available in most pet stores.

What do gerbils like in their cages?

Toys: Toys are a must and should appeal to your pets’ innate desire to chew and burrow. Something as simple as a four-by-four wood piece with large holes drilled into it is great for climbing and chewing. Adding new toilet paper rolls and heavy cardboard boxes daily will keep your gerbils entertained.

Can you give gerbils pine cones?

Pine cones come from pines but don’t contain the same aromatics as the conifer trees they come from. They are therefore safe for gerbils to chew on.

What do gerbils like in their cage?

How often should gerbils have a sand bath?

To keep your gerbil’s coat clean and prevent bacterial infections, you should give your gerbil access to a sand bath at least once a week.

Are toilet paper rolls safe for gerbils?

Toilet paper rolls are an excellent choice for a gerbil chew toy. They are made from a material that isn’t hard enough to damage their teeth. They are also fibrous, which gerbils enjoy when chewing. Toilet paper rolls are also untreated, meaning that they are safe for your gerbil to chew on.

Why does my gerbil scratch at the glass?

A gerbil will display repetitive scratching behavior when it can’t satisfy its natural need to burrow into the ground. This may be because it doesn’t have enough substrate, or it doesn’t have any bedding at all. This behavior will focus on the corners of the enclosure.