What do you mean by subscribe?

What do you mean by subscribe?

1 : to place an order for a publication or service which is delivered over a stated period. 2 : to agree with or support I subscribe to the idea that voting is a duty. Other Words from subscribe. subscriber noun.

What is the meaning of subscribe in social media?

verb. If you subscribe to a service, especially online, you agree to regularly receive it or receive information from it. [computing]

What is a Nepali meaning?

a native or inhabitant of Nepal
1 : a native or inhabitant of Nepal.

What is I love you in Nepali?

It is ‘मन पर्नु’ (man parnu) or मन लाग्नु (man laagnu). They both are equivalent but ‘man parnu’ is used a bit more than the latter. In fact, you can even say ‘ma X lai man paraauchu’ to mean ‘I like X’ (where X is a human). This magic verb works for both objects and humans…but it is more like ‘Like’ than ‘love’.

Is subscribe a real word?

verb (used with object), sub·scribed, sub·scrib·ing. to pledge, as by signing an agreement, to give or pay (a sum of money) as a contribution, gift, or investment: He subscribed $6,000 for the new church.

What does Facebook Subscribe mean?

A Subscription is a feature which allows you access to premium content on Facebook. You can use Subscriptions to support some creators on Facebook by paying a monthly subscription fee. This subscription fee gives you access to exclusive content and other items, such as a badge, that identify you as a supporter.

What countries speak Nepali?

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language, written with the Devanagari script. There are over 17 million Nepali speakers in the world, in countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Brunei and India.

What is the meaning of Ma Timilai Maya Garchu?

I Love You
Literal Translation – “Ma timilai maya garchhu” Explanation: I Love You literally translate to – “Ma timilai maya garchhu” I – Ma. You – Timi.

How do I subscribe on Facebook?

This is an entirely optional feature – you need to opt in. To let people subscribe, go to the Subscribe Page and click Allow Subscribers. Once you allow subscribers, you can decide who can comment and what notifications you get. You’ll also see a Subscribers tab on your profile, where you can see who subscribes to you.

How can I see my subscribed on Facebook?

To view your list of subscribers, go to your profile (Timeline) and click on the Subscribers box. If you change your mind and want to turn off public subscriptions, just click on the Settings button and under the Subscribers section, click the drop-down box and select Off, then click the OK button.

How hard is Nepali?

Now, I return to the question in the topic: is it hard to learn Nepali language? The short answer would be yes – the language is very different from most European languages, so there’s a lot to learn. Whether it’s the grammar, the vocabulary or the writing, there’s no area where you could survive without hard work.

How do you say hi in Nepal?

5 phrases you must learn before visiting Nepal

  1. Namaste = Hello/ Greetings. When to use “namaste”: when greeting others.
  2. Dhanyabād = Thank you. When to use “dhanyabād”: when thanking others.
  3. Maaph garnuhos =excuse me/ sorry.
  4. Pheri bhetaunla = Good Bye.