What does a KLX 150 weigh?

What does a KLX 150 weigh?

Kawasaki KLX 150 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 240 mm (9.4 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 190 mm (7.5 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids) 113.0 kg (249.1 pounds)
Dry Weight

What is klx150?

The Kawasaki KLX 150L is offered Gasoline engine in the Philippines. The new Off Road from Kawasaki comes in a total of 1 variants. If we talk about Kawasaki KLX 150L engine specs then the Gasoline engine displacement is 144 cc. KLX 150L is available with Manual transmission.

How much horsepower does a Honda CRF150F have?

about 11.5 horsepower
The CRF150F has about 11.5 horsepower stock at the rear wheel on a DynoJet 150. This is pretty great considering that a hopped up TT-R 125 has about 12 hp.

How fast is a KLX 140L?

57 mph
Hit the jump for more information on the Kawasaki KLX 140L. Top Speed: 57 mph (Est.)

What is the price of KLX 150l in India?

The KLX 150L is priced at ₱122,500 . There are 1 variants available of KLX 150L: Standard. The KLX 150L is powered by a Air Cooled 144 cc 1 Cylinder engine that gives 11.52hp of power at 8000 rpm and 11.3 Nm Torque at 6500 rpm.

Is the KLX 150l a good first off-roading bike?

The KLX 150L is the prime example of what we are talking about. The KLX 150L has been in the market for long. It has seen many changes in 2014 and 2016. As a cheap beginner friendly off-roading bike, it competes against the very well-equipped Honda CRF 150L.

What is the seating height of Kawasaki KLX 150l?

The Kawasaki KLX 150L has a seating height of 875 mm and kerb weight of 118 kg. The KLX 150L comes with Disc front brakes and Disc rear brakes. Over 5 users have reviewed KLX 150L on basis of Features, Mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance.

What kind of engine does a klx150l have?

The KLX150L is powered by a 144 cc 4-stroke carbureted and air cooled engine that produces 12.4 PS and 11.94 Nm of torque. The bike is well prepared for its job with a lightweight frame, telescopic front forks, and rear linked monoshock and disc brakes on both ends.