What does a Pisces tattoo mean?

What does a Pisces tattoo mean?

The sign of the Pisces is a symbol of duality and the fish, a representation of the legendary sea creature Ichthyocentaur. The Ichthyocentaur is a centaur that features the tail of an enormous fish. They rule the tides in Ancient Greece and the two most prominent are involved in the myth of Aphrodite’s birth.

What does the Pisces symbol symbolize?

Pisces, a water sign, is the last constellation of the zodiac. It’s symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces’s attention between fantasy and reality.

What are the 7 symbols of a Pisces?

Pisces Sign Symbols

  • Pisces Sign Symbol: Rabit. 1) Rabbit. Rabbits represent Pisces gentleness.
  • Pig Pisces Symbol. 2) Pig.
  • Fish Pisces Symbol. 3) Fish.
  • Horse Symbol: Pisces. 4) Horse.
  • Seal Pisces Sign. 5) Seal.
  • Pisces Symbol: Dog. 6) Dog.
  • Pisces Sign Symbol Snake. 7) Snake.
  • Pisces Sign Symbol: Phoenix. 8) Phoenix.

What is a Pisces evil power?

Pisces’ Superpower: Psychic Torture You have the ability to get into your enemy’s head and psychically torture them until their mind is in a dark, hallucinatory state. Whether by mind games or telepathic control, your enemy will soon be begging you to stop.

Who is Pisces goddess?

Pisces: Ishtar, Goddess of Fertility And Universal Love Ishtar is sometimes referred to as the goddess of fertility.

Do Pisces have special powers?

Pisces: Pisces allows water-borne abilities, such as Aquatic Adaptation, Aquatic Breathing, and/or Ichthyic Zoolingualism. Has the abilities Fish Physiology and Water Manipulation. Might also have Telepathy and Telekinesis, might also include Teleportation and Healing.

What is Pisces hidden talent?

Pisces are one of the emotionally-driven water signs, which gives them a reputation for always being deep in their feelings. But this sentimental energy doesn’t mean they’re sappy or sad. In fact, Pisces’ hidden talent is being one of the most idealistic signs of the zodiac.

Are Pisces passionate?

Pisces in love are one of the most emotional of all the signs. Extremely intuitive and sensitive, they seek romantic love and need a soulmate. This can be very beautiful for the partner of a Pisces, as their deep love and empathy makes for a very special bond. All in all, Pisces in love is passionate and intense.