What does a soldier termite look like?

What does a soldier termite look like?

What Do They Look Like? Soldier termites have distinctively shaped heads and are typically bigger than workers. Their protruding mandibles help them protect their colonies. Soldiers have elongated bodies and are pale red, light brown, or white.

How long does drilling for termites last?

These termite treatments last for five years on average. For this treatment, a termite specialist will dig a trench around the perimeter of your home and apply the liquid treatment in it. That’s not to say termites will never find their way across, even in five years.

How deep do you drill for termites?

Rodding is used in conjunction with a trench dug in the soil to deliver treatment to an infested area. Traditional termite treatment uses a six-inch trench to make sure the termite treatment gets down to where the termites live.

What is the difference between a soldier termite and a worker termite?

Worker termites are pale or white, have rounded heads and bodies and straight antennae. They are smaller than the colony king and queen. Soldier termites, which defend the nest from ant attacks, also have pale or white bodies but possess dark heads and larger jaws.

How big is a soldier termite?

Soldiers can grow to 13.5 mm long and queens can be a full inch. Subterranean: These are the most numerous and unfortunately the most destructive type of termite in North America. They are not fussy about how moist their wood is.

Where do they drill holes for termite treatment?

Among these termite treatments includes chemical treatment to the foundation of your home. The treatment begins with a professional termite control inspecting your house. He will then drill holes in walls, floors, and the ground around your house. Once done, they will insert a chemical into the holes.

Where do termites sleep?

Termites never sleep. Termites are simple organisms. They don’t have to recharge their batteries like many other creatures do. They are able to feed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without stopping.

How does termite queen look like?

What Do Subterranean Termite Queens and Reproductives Look Like? A subterranean termite queen can vary in color from pale yellow-brown to black. Secondary reproductives in subterranean species are typically white or very light in color – the same color as worker termites for that species.