What does back pocket mean?

What does back pocket mean?

Prepositional phrase in one’s back pocket. (idiomatic) Ready if needed, in reserve, prepared, available for use whenever it might be advantageous.

Is Backpocket one or two words?

Back pocket definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary.

What does it mean to put your hand in someone’s back pocket?

There’s no one specific meaning. Perhaps they feel comfortable like that, or their hands are cold, or they think the pose makes them look good, or they’re touching something important in their pocket, or trying to keep fidgety hands still. 7.

What does you are out of pocket mean?

1 : from cash on hand : with one’s own money rather than with money from another source (such as an insurance company) With so many people willing to pay out of pocket most insurance companies do not pay for the procedure, because they regard it as “cosmetic” …— Kenneth Chang.

What does I have you in my back pocket mean?

This is frequently used in football (soccer) games e.g. “The defender had the attacker in his pocket the whole game” meaning the defender was in complete control of the attacker “To have [something] in your BACK pocket” means you have the option of using that thing (which can be a person) in a situation where it is …

What does keep you in my back pocket mean?

to have power over someone in a position of authority. Synonyms and related words. To be in charge. control.

What does it mean when a man puts his hands on his hips?

He puts his hands on his hips. This is a male power signal that guys use to show physical superiority over other guys. If he is doing it in front of you, he is seeking attention from you.

What is out of pocket at work?

In this piece, she first nodded to the meaning that is probably more familiar to most of you: “out of pocket” refers to expenses you cover yourself, as opposed to expenses that are paid by someone else, such as your employer or your insurance company.

What does being in someone’s pocket mean?

under someone’s control or influence
Definition of in someone’s pocket disapproving. : under someone’s control or influence The judge in the case was in the senator’s pocket.

What does it mean to keep someone in your pocket?

have (someone) in (one’s) pocket. To have someone under one’s control or influence, especially in an underhanded or unethical way, such as by bribery or extortion. It’s pretty obvious that corporate bigwigs have all of our national legislators in their pockets.

What does out of pocket mean urban dictionary?

As an indicator, the first time I heard “out of pocket” to mean “inappropriate” was from a young white male. A definition on Urban Dictionary sums up this point well. Although Urban Dictionary isn’t known for its careful research or fact-checking, its definitions are crowd-sourced—they come directly from users.

What is the opposite of out of pocket?

Near Antonyms for out of pocket. comfortable, prosperous.

What does sitting in the pocket mean?

: under someone’s control or influence researchers/scientists who are in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies.

How do you put someone in your pocket?

To have someone in your pocket means that there is some financial benefit to the person involved as in. You can get a place in the national team if you can get one of the big shots in your pocket. = if you can bribe someone who decide what players are included in the team you will get a place.