What does Descon stand for?

What does Descon stand for?

Design Engineering and Construction Services
History. The company was founded by Abdul Razak Dawood as Design Engineering and Construction Services (Descon) in 1977.

Who is the owner of Descon?

Taimur Dawood
Taimur Dawood currently serves as Chairman of Descon; which includes Descon Engineering Ltd, Descon Oxychem Limited and Descon Power Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd among other Descon entities for the power sector.

Who is Nadeem Bajwa?

Nadeem Bajwa has over 25 years of leadership experience, across diverse geographies and functions, with the oilfield technology leader Schlumberger, Weatherford and in the most recent past, he was Chief Executive officer at Descon; one of largest Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Maintenance conglomerates in …

Who is Taimur Dawood?

Taimur Dawood currently serves as chairman of Descon, which includes Descon Engineering, Descon Oxychem, and Descon Power Solutions, among other Descon enterprises in the power sector. He is also the managing director of Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services in the Netherlands.

Who owns Papa John’s Pizza in Pakistan?

Asim Bajwa’s younger brothers opened their first Papa John’s pizza restaurant in 2002, the year he went to work for General Pervez Musharraf as a lieutenant colonel on the military dictator’s staff.

Who is Cpec chairman?

CPEC Business Council

Sr.# Name & Designation with Ministry / Department / Organization
1. Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce & Investment
2. Chairman, BoI
3. Lt. Gen (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa, Chairman, CPEC Authority

Who replaced Asim Bajwa?

Asim Saleem Bajwa
Preceded by Athar Abbas
Succeeded by Asif Ghafoor
Personal details
Born 5 December Sadiqabad

Where is Asim Saleem Bajwa now?

The growth of the Bajwa family’s business empire in the United States and later in Pakistan directly matches the rise in power of retired general Asim Saleem Bajwa, who is now chairman of the country’s massive China-financed infrastructure project and a special assistant to the prime minister.

Who started CPEC project?

In 2013, the then Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang decided to further enhance mutual connectivity. A memorandum of understanding on cooperation for long-term plan on China–Pakistan Economic Corridor between the two governments was inked by Xu Shao Shi and Shahid Amjad Chaudhry.

Does Bajwa own Papa John’s?

Asim Bajwa’s brother, Nadeem Bajwa is a businessman and is the chief executive officer of BajCo Group LLC. Asim Bajwas brother’s group owns several Papa Johns’ and Dairy Queens’ franchises around America and in the United Arab Emirates.

Who owns Papa john’s pizza in Pakistan?

Which government started CPEC?

In November 2014, Chinese government announced its intention to finance Chinese companies as part of its $45.6 billion energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan as part of CPEC.

How much of CPEC is completed?

73% work completed.

Who invented CPEC?

Who started CPEC?

How much is CPEC worth?

CPEC was formally launched in 2015 with the value of $46 billion.