What does Distribution Statement F mean?

What does Distribution Statement F mean?

Other requests shall be referred to [insert controlling DoD office]. Distribution Statement F: Further dissemination only as directed by [insert controlling DoD Office and date of determination] or higher DoD authority.

What is a distribution statement?

Distribution Statements are statements on technical data that direct people who handle technical data how they can distribute the document.

Which distribution statement is used for documents approved for public release?

distribution unlimited
Approved for public release: distribution unlimited. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT B. Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies (reason) (date of determination). Other requests for this document shall be referred to (controlling DoD office).

What does Distribution B mean?

B – Limited to US Government agencies. C – Limited to US Government agencies & their contractors. D – Limited to DoD and US DoD contractors only. E – Limited to DoD only. F- Distribution to be determined by the controlling DoD office.

Is Fouo classified?

For Official Use Only (FOUO) is a document designation, not a classification. This designation is used by Department of Defense and a number of other federal agencies to identify information or material which, although unclassified, may not be appropriate for public release.

What is DoD controlled technical information?

Controlled Technical Information means technical information with military or space application that is subject to controls on the access, use, reproduction, modification, performance, display, release, disclosure, or dissemination.

What is a DoD component?

DoD Component. A Military Department, Defense Agency, DoD field activity, or organization within the Office of the Secretary of Defense that provides or administers an award to a recipient.

Is Distribution Statement D CUI?

LDCs or distribution statements cannot unnecessarily restrict CUI access. The distribution statement will be reflected in the CUI designation indicator and will be annotated in full on the first page or cover of the document. Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited.

Who can decontrol CUI OCA?

§ 2002.18 Decontrolling. (a) Agencies should decontrol as soon as practicable any CUI designated by their agency that no longer requires safeguarding or dissemination controls, unless doing so conflicts with the governing law, regulation, or Government-wide policy.

What is distribution e?

E-distribution is a type of distribution that uses purely electronic media. It is often interpreted as the buying or selling of services or goods over a public network without the physical media; this is usually done by downloading from the Internet to the consumer’s electronic device.

Does the DoD still use FOUO?

The Department of Defense recently adopted “Controlled Unclassified Information” as the identifier for sensitive information. The Administrative Assistant for security to the Secretary of the Air force issued Air Force Guidance Memorandum 2020-16-01 July 23 to implement the new CUI policy.

Are distribution statements CUI?

The distribution statement will be reflected in the CUI designation indicator and will be annotated in full on the first page or cover of the document. Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited.

How many DoD components are there?

The Department was established in 1947 and is currently divided into three major Departments—the Department of the Army, Navy and Air Force—and has a military staff of 1,418,542 (553,044 US Army; 329,304 US Navy; 202,786 US Marine Corps; 333,408 US Air Force).

Can CUI be stored in a locked desk?

After working hours, CUI will be stored in unlocked containers, desks, or cabinets if the government building provides security for continuous monitoring of access. If building security is not provided, the information will be stored in locked desks, file cabinets, bookcases, locked rooms, or similarly secured areas.

What does distribution statement F mean in the military?

6. Distribution Statement F Shall be used to signify that all distribution of technical document is to be determined by the controlling DOD office. Direct Military Support – Same as distribution statement B.

What does forced distribution mean in the Air Force?

For technical sergeants and below, forced distribution limits the top two promotion recommendations a commander is authorized to give to time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion-eligible Airmen.

What is a B Distribution Statement for DoD?

Distribution Statement B Distribution is limited to US Government agencies only; other requests shall be referred to the controlling DOD office. Reasons for selection of Distribution B: Foreign Government Information – limits distribution according to the desires of the foreign government that furnished the technical information.

What is the format of a distribution statement?

Shows the format: Distribution Statements B, C, D, and E are expressed in a standard format comprising four components presented in the following order: 1. Authorized Audience or Who Can Access 2. Reason for Control or Why/Reason* 3. Date of Determination 4. Controlling Office or Releasing Authority