What does follow on contract mean?

What does follow on contract mean?

‘“Follow-on contract” means a new, noncompetitive procurement placed with an incumbent contractor, either by a separate new contract or by a supplemental agreement, to continue or augment a specific military program, where such placement was necessitated by prior procurement decisions.

What does contract mean in science terms?

Contract. 1. To shorten; to become reduced in size; in the case of muscle, either to shorten or to undergo an increase in tension. 2. To acquire by contagion or infection.

What does contract mean in chemistry?

When substances expand or contract, their particles stay the same size. It is the space between the particles that changes: the particles in a solid vibrate more when it is heated, and take up more room. the particles in a liquid move around each other more when it is heated, and take up more room.

What is bridge contract?

(1) The term “bridge contract” means— (A) an extension to an existing contract beyond the period of performance to avoid a lapse in service caused by a delay in awarding a subsequent contract; or (B) a new short-term contract awarded on a sole-source basis to avoid a lapse in service caused by a delay in awarding a …

What is a bridge action?

A bridge action describes a non-competitive action requiring a justification to include, but not limited to, a formal justification and approval (FAR Part 6 or 13.5), limited sources justification (FAR Subpart 8.4), and exception to fair opportunity (FAR Subpart 16.5), to retain the current or similar product or …

What is an example of contraction in science?

Table lists some examples of contraction. If we hold a very hot glass tumbler under cold water, it cracks. This is because the outer surface of the glass comes in direct contact with cold water and contracts more as compared to the inner surface.

What is follow on procurement?

The purchase of replacements, spare parts, and auxiliary equipment for a major end item of military equipment, such as an airplane, a vehicle, or the like.

What is a surge option?

A surge option allows the Government, prior to final delivery, to— (i) Accelerate the contractor’s production rate in accordance with a surge production plan or a delivery schedule provided by the contractor under the terms of the contract; and. (ii) Purchase additional quantities of supplies or services.

What is a contract used for?

The main purpose of a contract is to formalize new relationships and outline the various legal obligations each party owes to the other. Today, most contracts are agreed between businesses, not people.

What happens to particles during contraction?

During expansion, the spaces between particles get taken up or become smaller, and during contraction, the spaces between the particles get bigger.

What is contraction of gases?

In a gas, contraction occurs when it is cooled. The particles move closer together and slow down causing them to contract.

What is valid contract?

A valid contract is an agreement, which is binding and enforceable. In a valid contract, all the parties are legally bound to perform the contract. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 defines and lists the essentials of a valid contract through interpretation through various judgments of the Indian judiciary.