What does I doubt it mean?

What does I doubt it mean?

You say I doubt it as a response to a question or statement about something that you think is untrue or unlikely.

What does I don’t doubt it mean?

1 n-var If you have doubt or doubts about something, you feel uncertain about it and do not know whether it is true or possible. If you say you have nodoubtabout it, you mean that you are certain it is true.

What kind of verb is doubt?

doubt ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

present tense
he/she/it doubts
present participle doubting
past tense doubted
past participle doubted

What is an idiom for uncertain?

up in the air. So if you have something like a plan or a decision and it’s up in the air, it means that it hasn’t been decided yet or it hasn’t been settled yet but the thing is this expression is a little negative.

Is delt a Scrabble word?

Yes, delt is a valid Scrabble word.

What is the adverb of doubt?

adverb. /ˈdaʊtfəli/ /ˈdaʊtfəli/ ​in a way that shows you are uncertain and feeling doubt synonym dubiously (1)

How do you use the word doubt in a sentence?

Doubt sentence example

  1. I doubt if she’ll go to you.
  2. I doubt that… but you never know.
  3. He’s as sweet as he can be and I have no doubt his intentions are honorable.
  4. If you doubt it, you’d better come and see for yourself.
  5. I gave her your number, but I doubt she called.
  6. No doubt he was ready to do exactly that by now.

What is doubt example?

Doubt is defined as an uncertain opinion or a lack of confidence. An uncertainty about whether a football team will win a game is an example of a doubt. A belief that you can’t finish a race is an example of a doubt.

How do you express uncertainty?

Uncertainties are almost always quoted to one significant digit (example: ±0.05 s). If the uncertainty starts with a one, some scientists quote the uncertainty to two significant digits (example: ±0.0012 kg). Always round the experimental measurement or result to the same decimal place as the uncertainty.

Does ambiguity mean confusion?

/ˌæmbɪˈɡjuːəti/ us. plural ambiguities. a situation in which something has more than one possible meaning and may therefore cause confusion, or an example of this: We wish to remove any ambiguity concerning our demands.