What does it mean if HBcAb is positive?

What does it mean if HBcAb is positive?

anti-HBc or HBcAb (Hepatitis B core antibody) – A “positive” or “reactive” anti-HBc (or HBcAb) test result indicates a past or current hepatitis B infection. The core antibody does not provide any protection against the hepatitis B virus (unlike the surface antibody described above).

What does it mean when you are HBsAg positive and HBeAg positive?

4 It also shows an active infection with hepatitis B. If the HBsAG test is positive, the HBeAg test may be done along with other tests. These tests may include the HBV DNA concentration (or viral load) test and the alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test. The ALT focuses on a specific enzyme to assess for liver function.

What does HBcAb negative mean?

Patients are now evaluated initially with serum HBcAb testing. A negative HBcAb test result is reported as HBV-negative, and a positive result is followed by testing for HBsAg and, if this result is negative, HBsAb. HBsAg-positive sera are tested for hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) and hepatitis B e antibody (HBeAb).

What does it mean when you are HBsAg positive and HBeAg negative?

In HBV carriers and patients with chronic hepatitis B, positive HBeAg results usually indicate presence of active HBV replication and high infectivity. A negative HBeAg result indicates very minimal or no HBV replication. Positive anti-HBe results usually indicate inactivity of the virus and low infectivity.

What does E stands for in HBeAg?

Seropositivity for hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg), a surrogate marker of active viral replication, has been shown to be a significant risk factor for the development of cirrhosis and HCC [4–7].

What is the normal range for HBV DNA?

Normal range for this assay is Not Detected. The quantitative range of this assay is 1.00-9.00 log IU/mL (10-1,000,000,000 IU/mL). An interpretation of “Not Detected” does not rule out the presence of inhibitors in the patient specimen or HBV DNA concentration below the level of detection of the test.

Is HBeAg the same as HBcAg?

While both HBcAg and HBeAg are made from the same open reading frame, HBcAg is not secreted. HBcAg is considered “particulate” and it does not circulate in the blood but recent study show it can be detected in serum by Radioimmunoassay.

Is HBeAg same as HBsAg?

Hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) is a small polypeptide that exists in a free form in the serum of individuals during the early phase of hepatitis B infection, soon after hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) becomes detectable. Serum levels of both HBeAg and HBsAg rise rapidly during the period of viral replication.

Does sperm contain Hepatitis B virus?

Viral load: Semen, vaginal fluids and blood all contain the hepatitis B virus (HBV), and the higher the viral load, the more infectious one’s blood and body fluids are. However, having an undetectable viral load doesn’t mean you won’t infected someone during unsafe sex.