What does it mean to have your feet up?

What does it mean to have your feet up?

to sit and relax
Definition of put one’s feet up informal. : to sit and relax : to not work or be active I’m going to go home and put my feet up.

Has both feet on the ground meaning?

In a sensible, realistic, or practical manner. For example, You can count on Tom not to get cheated in that deal; he has both feet on the ground, or Jean is a dreamer, but her husband is a man with his feet on the ground. There is a related phrase, have both feet on the ground, meaning “to be practical or realistic.” [

What does the phrase hit the ground running mean?

Seize an opportunity; begin at full speed. For example, As soon as the front office gave its approval for the new department, we hit the ground running. The origin of this term is disputed.

What is the meaning of to fall on one’s feet?

Definition of fall on one’s feet British. : to be in good condition or in a good situation after having a bad or difficult experience He lost his job but fell on his feet when he was hired by another company just a few days later.

What do you put your feet up on?

Elevating your feet on a sofa or chair may be your usual go-to to let your feet rest. However, putting your legs up at a 90 degree angle, up against a wall, is what really allows your body to recoup and recover. In short, it brings blood back towards your heart, and promotes lymphatic fluid circulation as well.

How do I keep my feet on the ground?

If you say that someone has their feet on the ground, you approve of the fact that they have a sensible and practical attitude towards life, and do not have unrealistic ideas. In that respect he needs to keep his feet on the ground and not get carried away.

What does the quote mean keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground?

Theodore Roosevelt Quote. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground; Theodore Roosevelt encouraging the aspirations of the American dream by pushing the boundaries with your humility intact in pursuit of your goals. Or to put it in its short form: elevating hope from terrafirma.

Why is it called a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine definition A mezzanine is an intermediate level or levels between the floor and ceiling of any story in accordance with Section 505 of the International Building Code. Mezzanine meaning derives from the Italian word mezza which means “half” or “middle.”

What means get off the ground?

Definition of get off the ground 1 : to begin to operate or proceed in a successful way The project never really got off the ground. 2 : to cause (something) to begin to operate or proceed in a successful way We’re still trying to get this project off the ground.

What is another way to say boots on the ground?

boots on the ground > synonyms »agents on the ground exp. »men on the field exp. »men on the ground exp. »feet back on the ground exp.