What does it mean when someone says it is make or break?

What does it mean when someone says it is make or break?

: allowing no middle ground between success and failure.

How do you use make or break?

1, Critics can make or break a young performer. 2, The council’s decision will make or break the local theatre. 3, This movie will make or break him as a director. 4, Recognition by this organization can make or break a career.

What does it mean to make a break for something?

Definition of make a break for : to suddenly start running toward something The runner made a break for second base.

Is the saying make or break a?

Cause either total success or total ruin, as in This assignment will make or break her as a reporter. This rhyming expression, first recorded in Charles Dickens’s Barnaby Rudge (1840), has largely replaced the much older (16th-century) alliterative synonym make or mar, at least in America.

Can make or mar you?

Make or break and make or mar are phrases that mean to bring success or ruin, to bring triumph or failure. Make or break and make or mar are phrases that conjure up absolutes. They describe a situation that will either make someone rich, famous, or otherwise successful, or will break them down into a lowly state.

Is the make or break factor?

be the factor which decides whether something will succeed or fail. A variant of this phrase, found chiefly in British English, is make or mar . The use of make together with mar is recorded from the early 15th century, but since the mid 19th century break has become more common.

Will either make or break you?

1. verb To cause (someone or something) to either succeed or fail; to cause either a positive or negative outcome (for someone or something). When you’re young, you often think that big obstacles will either make or break you, but as you get older you realize that it’s not that simple.

What does break me or make me mean?

Idiom: make or break (someone / something) to cause something to succeed or fail.

What does it mean to make your own breaks?

Saying “you have to make your own breaks” is the equivalent of telling someone they have to be struck by lightning more often. Dumb luck is just dumb luck. Everybody gets a few “breaks” in their lives, and it’s up to us if we take them or not.

What is the meaning of make or mar?

Is make or break hyphenated?

The phrase is sometimes rendered as make it or break it. When used as an adjective before a noun, the terms are rendered with hyphens as make-or-break and make-or-mar. The phrase make or mar is much older, dating from the 1400s.

Is make ends meet an idiom?

Answer. To make ends meet means “to pay for the things that you need to live when you have little money.” This is a good example of an idiom that is often used in English but that is not transparent in meaning. Here are some examples of how this phrase is used: We had a hard time making ends meet.

What does a break means?

People sometimes take breaks in relationships because the relationship isn’t going well, or because one of the parties has become romantically interested in someone else. Further, a break is often limited to a specified period of time—two weeks or a month, for example.

What is the meaning of take a break?

Definition of take a break : to stop doing something for a short period of time : to rest I’m tired. Let’s take a break.

Is make it or break it hyphenated?

1. adjective Of, leading to, or causing an outcome that will either be a total success or a total failure. Often hyphenated when used before a noun.

Is it break or brake?

As a noun, BREAK means time out. As a verb, BREAK means damage or destroy. “I dropped my phone but luckily it didn’t BREAK.” BRAKE can be both a noun and a verb.

Is it a break up or a break?

Since a break is not a breakup, it’s not a phase that changes the fundamental rules of the relationship: If the relationship had been exclusive, or monogamous, then it still is exclusive during the break. Otherwise, a break would just be a breakup.