What does Literatus mean?

What does Literatus mean?

noun. a member of the literati, or intellectual class: My daughter married a true literatus—a Ph. D. in philosophy and two volumes of poetry to his name.

Is literati singular or plural?

literati pl (plural only) (singular literatus or literato) Well-educated, literary people; intellectuals who are interested in literature. quotations ▼

What does Stulify mean?

1a : to have a dulling or inhibiting effect on. b : to impair, invalidate, or make ineffective : negate. 2 : to cause to appear or be stupid, foolish, or absurdly illogical. 3 archaic : to allege or prove to be of unsound mind and hence not responsible.

How do you use literati in a sentence?

1) He was underrated as a writer by the literati. 2) Her novels are popular with university literati, but they have failed to attract a wider audience. 3) This development serves as an opportunity for the literati here. 4) He belonged to a family of literati.

What does the name ZIP mean?

ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. However, the USPS intentionally chose the acronym to indicate that mail travels more quickly when senders mark the postal code on their packages and envelopes.

What does Hoi polloi mean in Latin?

Hoi polloi (/ˌhɔɪ pəˈlɔɪ/; from Ancient Greek οἱ πολλοί (hoi polloí) ‘the many’) is an expression from Greek that means “the many” or, in the strictest sense, “the people”.

Why are they called literati?

You could include famous authors, editors, poets, critics, and scholars of literature among the collective group known as the literati. The word is the plural form of the Latin literatus, which means “lettered or educated,” or literally “one who knows letters.” Related words in English include letter and literate.

Who were the literati in China?

Also known as scholar-officials, they were civil servants appointed by the emperor of China to perform day-to-day governance.