What does Luke Ricketson do for a living?

What does Luke Ricketson do for a living?

Roosters footy star Luke Ricketson launches his brokerage | Insurance Business Australia. Sydney Roosters rugby league great, Luke Ricketson (pictured), has launched his own insurance brokerage. Ricketson Insurance has opened for business as an authorised representative of broker network Insurance Advisernet.

Who is Luke Ricketson married to?

journalist Kate Waterhouse
Ricketson is married to journalist Kate Waterhouse who is the daughter of horse trainer Gai Waterhouse. They have 2 children.

Is Kate Waterhouse still married?

Personal life. In 2012, Waterhouse wore a Vera Wang dress and married former Rugby League player, Luke Ricketson in Taormina, Italy. The couple share two daughters and live in a $17.8 million mansion in Balmoral in Sydney.

Who is Kate Waterhouse?

Kate is the director and founder of katewaterhouse.com. She is also a journalist, media personality, television presenter and radio talent. Hailing from Australian racing royalty, Kate Waterhouse has grown up in the media spotlight.

Does Nick Politis own the Roosters?

Nicholas George Politis AM (born 1944) is an Australian businessman and chairman of the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League (NRL) competition….Nick Politis.

Nick Politis AM
Years active 1974–present
Board member of Sydney Roosters AP Eagers WFM Motors Motor Traders’ Association of NSW

How much are the Sydney Roosters worth?

$11.55 million
All clubs might be spending $9.6 million but the Roosters are actually worth $11.55 million and the Panthers $11.05 million by our calculations.

Who took over Tom Waterhouse?

William Hill
In this time, the company grew from a start-up with three people to over 100 and from less than 1,000 clients to approximately 250,000. In August 2013 website was sold to the international betting giant William Hill (bookmaker) where Waterhouse then continued as Managing Director of TomWaterhouse.

Who is David Waterhouse?

David Waterhouse, the son of the late bookmaking legend Bill Waterhouse, is still awaiting a $50 million buyer of his Elizabeth Bay mansion Tresco, but he scored a $5.4 million buyer for his Darling Point apartment on Wednesday.

What does Kate Waterhouse do?

Since 2018, Kate has been a fashion and colour reporter for Channel 7 Racing for both Sydney and Melbourne racing carnivals, where she reports on trackside fashion and interviews the biggest celebrities and sporting identities. Hailing from Australian racing royalty, Kate Waterhouse has grown up in the media spotlight.

Is Tom Waterhouse married?

Hoda VakiliTom Waterhouse / Spouse (m. 2011)

Is Nick Politis Greek?

Nick Politis AM (born Nicholas George Politis in 1942) is an Greek- Australian businessman and Chairman of Sydney-based NRL team the Sydney Roosters. He was born in Kythira, Greece.

What nationality is Nick Politis?

AustralianNick Politis / Nationality

Where is Tom Waterhouse now?

These days he is mainly based in London, with his wife and three children leaving Sydney in 2021 to move abroad.

What nationality is Hoda Waterhouse?

Nicknamed the “Persian Princess” in racing circles because of her beauty and Iranian heritage, Hoda was accompanied by seven bridesmaids, including Waterhouse’s newly engaged sister Kate and her own sister Rey, who were dressed by Australian designer Bianca Spender.

What happened to Bill Waterhouse?

“They tortured Brown to try and get the money,” David Waterhouse states his father told him. The thugs went too far and killed the trainer that night before returning to Sydney. His arms and legs were broken and his skull smashed.”

What happened Tom Waterhouse?

In May 2018, William Hill sold its Australian business, seeing Waterhouse to a two-year non-compete agreement. Leaving behind his career as a bookmaker, Tom Waterhouse takes back control of his brand as a racing tipping service straight away, trying to help punters beat the bookies.

How old is Nick Politis?

About 80 years (1942)Nick Politis / Age

Is Trent Barrett married?

Kylie BarrettTrent Barrett / Spouse