What does Nan Ya Plastics do?

What does Nan Ya Plastics do?

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation manufactures and markets plastic and chemical fiber products. The Company’s products include polyester filament yarns, flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) film products, plastic leather products, and rigid film products.

Who owns Nan Ya Plastics?

Major Shareholders (As of 20210424) Vanson International Investment Corp. Chingdwell International Investment Corp. LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd. Citibank Taiwan Limited In Custody for Macro System Corp.

Who is the CEO of Formosa Plastics?

Lin Chien-Nan “Jason” Chairman/President, Formosa Plastics Corp.

Who owns Formosa Plastics Group?

Wang Yung-ching
The company was founded by Wang Yung-ching and his brother Wang Yung-tsai, and is chaired by Lee Chih-tsuen. Despite its name, its holdings include several companies prominent in the high tech electronics sector, including VIA Technologies and Nanya Technology Corporation….Formosa Plastics Group.

Native name 臺塑集團
Revenue $6.7 billion (2020)

Is Formosa Plastics still in business?

In 2019, Chemical & Engineering News ranked Formosa Plastics as the world’s sixth largest chemical company by sales in 2018, with US$36.9 billion. That same year, Forbes ranked the company as No….Formosa Plastics Corp.

Native name 台灣塑膠公司
Type Public
Traded as TWSE: 1301
Industry Chemicals
Founded 1954

What happened to Formosa in Texas?

WASHINGTON— Formosa Plastics Group has agreed to pay $2.85 million in federal fines for injuring its workers and endangering public health during a series of explosions, fires and toxic chemical releases from its Point Comfort, Texas, petrochemical plant.

Who is the owner of Formosa Plastics?

Who owns Formosa Plastics USA?

It is the corporation around which influential businessman Wang Yung-ching formed the Formosa Plastics Group, and it remains central to the Group’s petrochemical operations. The president of Formosa Plastics Corp. (FPC) is Jason Lin (林健男).

How many employees does Formosa Plastics have?

2,800 employees
In the three decades since we began operations in the U.S., Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. has become one of the largest domestic manufacturers of plastic resins, with nearly 2,800 employees and annual revenues of $5 billion.