What does Nosalis mean?

What does Nosalis mean?

Nosalis (Russian: Носач; binomial nomenclature: Talpa Nasuta Miraculosa, meaning “sensory miraculous mole”), the plural of which is: Nosalis and Nosalises, often jokingly referred to in large numbers as snouts, is the catchall term for the most common form of mutant encountered in the Metro.

What is Hansa in metro?

The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line, or the Hanseatic League (more commonly known as Hansa, Hanza, or Hanse) is a trading alliance comprising several stations, making up a large area of the metro.

How old is Artyom in Metro Exodus?

Metro Exodus He is now 26 or 27 years old; after the events of Metro: Last Light and Metro 2035, he leaves the Moscow Metro with his wife Anna and several Spartan Rangers (including Stepan from Metro 2035).

Who are the Hansa in Metro?

Are there spiders in Metro Exodus?

The spiderbug (frequently abbreviated as spiders, Russian: Пауки) is an arachnid-like ambient creature which appears in Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus. It combines the features of a spider and scorpion, but unlike true arachnids is deathly vulnerable to light.

What is a dark one?

The Dark One is a primordial, sentient, cosmic force of evil in the universe. The Dark One’s goal is to break the spirits and hearts of whatever sentient beings he can influence, and, if freed from his prison, eventually to remake Creation in his own image.

What is metrolight?

Light Rail (Metrolite) 1- Metrolite is a Light Rail Urban Transit system being planned in India for cities with lower ridership projection and as a feeder system for the existing metro systems. 2- Metrolite is slightly different from the Indian Railway network and can be called an upgraded Tram and downgraded Metro.

Can you remove the spiders from Metro Exodus?

Shine you flashlight into it the spiders will climb up. The you can burn them without them crawling on you. I appreciate you soldiering through your phobia and not making such a big deal out of it that stuff like this gets completely removed from the game. Like Capcom did in RE2 remake.