What does rorate Caeli mean in Latin?

What does rorate Caeli mean in Latin?

Drop down, ye heavens
“Rorate caeli” or “Rorate coeli” (‘Drop down, ye heavens’) are the opening words of Isaiah 45:8 in the Vulgate.

What does rorate mean in Latin?

to drip moisture
rorate from Latin, 2d person plural imperative of rorare to drip moisture, from ror-, ros dew; from the occurrence of rorate as the first word in the Latin form of the introit for the day in some Christian churches.

What is a votive Mass in the Catholic Church?

In the liturgy of the Catholic Church, a votive Mass (Latin missa votiva) is a Mass offered for a votum, a special intention. Such a Mass does not correspond to the Divine Office for the day on which it is celebrated.

When can you celebrate a votive mass?

The Votive Masses may be celebrated on the following days of the liturgical year: (1) on weekdays in ordinary time when there is either an optional memorial of a saint or no memorial; (2) on obligatory memorials of saints, on weekdays of Advent, of Christmastime and of the Easter Season, only in the case of genuine …

Can votive Mass be celebrated during Lent?

A: According to No. 21 of the Introduction to the Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in accordance with canon 1234, the collection can be used at Marian shrines permitted to celebrate votive masses in honor of Our Lady during Advent and Lent.

What is the purpose of the entrance hymn?

While singing together helps us gather and brings us together and helps us begin to enter into the spirit of the celebration, the main purpose of the Opening Hymn is to accompany the entrance procession. It is not a performance and should not continue much after the procession has ended.

What is a Catholic votive mass?

What is meant by votive mass?

Definition of votive mass : a mass celebrated for a special intention (as for a wedding or funeral) in place of the mass of the day.

Where does the name Caeli originate from?

(Caeli Pronunciations) ‘Caeli’ comes from the latin ‘caelum’ meaning ‘from heaven’. While Caeli is typically chosen as a creative spelling of Kaylee, it is also a Latin word meaning “the heavens.”