What does Rudy mean in ska?

What does Rudy mean in ska?

a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency: they inspired the later rude-boy fashion in Britain. Also called: rudie, rudy, rudi. Word origin. C20: originally Jamaican slang, from rude in the sense of coarse, vulgar, or uncouth.

Is a Message to You Rudy reggae?

“A Message To You Rudy” was originally recorded by the reggae artist Dandy Livingstone in 1967. His original recording was a portrait of social unrest amongst the youth in Kingston, Jamaica.

Is Message to You Rudy a cover?

It was on that label that The Specials released its 1979 self-titled debut album. One of the first tracks was a cover of “Rudy, A Message To You.” The band kept a lot of the same feel as Livingstone’s original, even using the same trombonist, Rico Rodriquez.

What type of music is The Specials?

The Specials/Genres

Who wrote Rudy A Message To You?

Dandy Livingstone
The Upsetters
A Message to You, Rudy/Composers

Who is Rudy in reggae?

Rude boy, rudeboy, rudie, rudi, and rudy are slang terms that originated in 1960s Jamaican street culture, and that are still used today. In the late 1970s, there was a revival in England of the terms rude boy and rude girl, among other variations, being used to describe fans of two-tone ska.

Who originally wrote a Message to You Rudy?

Who sang the song Rudy?

The SpecialsA Message to You, Rudy / Artist

What year did a Message to You Rudy come out?

1979A Message to You, Rudy / Released

What came first punk or ska?

Musical-U explains the melding of punk and ska created even more “up-tempo” and “high-energy” music than the first wave of ska in the 1960s. Ska-punk is considered the second wave of ska.

WHO MADE A Message to You Rudy?

How did ska music get its name?

A further theory is that it derives from Johnson’s word skavoovie, with which he was known to greet his friends. Jackie Mittoo insisted that the musicians called the rhythm Staya Staya, and that it was Byron Lee who introduced the term “ska”. Derrick Morgan said: “Guitar and piano making a ska sound, like ‘ska, ska”.