What does scram in slang mean?

What does scram in slang mean?

to leave or get out
Slang. to leave or get out, esp. in a hurry. often used in the imperative. verb transitive.

How do you use the word scram?

1. When the little mouse saw the cat approaching him, he decided to scram across the room quickly to get away from the cat. 2. Illegal drag racers would hastily scram in different directions whenever cops came to the area to arrest them.

How do you spell Scrammed?

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What is the origin of the word scram?

Scram is an American slang verb meaning to depart, to get out. It probably is a clipping of scramble, but there is also the German verb schrammen, meaning to depart or run away. The German verb may have influenced or even been the root of the English slang term.

Does scram mean scratch?

Scram /skræm/ Usually said of cats and children, the sharp word “scram” (to scratch with nails) is the perfect example of the opposite of enregisterment – speakers simply aren’t aware that it is a feature associated with their region.

Is there such a word as scram?

verb (used without object), scrammed, scram·ming. Informal. to go away; get out (usually used as a command): I said I was busy, so scram.

Which means almost the same as scram?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for scram, like: hightail-it, depart, scat, scoot, decamp, flee, lam, shoo, skedaddle, vamoose and wait.

Is it scram or screamed?

Simply so Is it scram or screamed? is that scram is the emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor, originally specifically by insertion of one or more safety control rods while scream is a loud, emphatic, exclamation of extreme emotion, usually horror, fear, excitement et cetera can be the exclamation of a word, but is …

Does scram mean food?

Scran is a great old Scots (and Northern English) word that has been used as shorthand for cheap, tasty, filling grub for centuries, but where did it come from?

What is Scottish slang for food?

Scran. Food, dishes or sustenance.

Why do the Navy call food Scran?

Scran, which almost everybody who has served in the Armed Forces will instantly know to mean food, actually has a deeper meaning. Its origin comes from the Royal Navy practice of supplementing sailors’ diets with additional portions of Sultanas, Currants, Raisins and Nuts – which can be shortened to ‘SCRAN’.

What is a slop chit?

The intending purchaser indents for his requirements on an established form called a SLOP CHIT; this name has come to mean metaphorically the amount of work a man has to do or responsibility he assumes, in the phrase “It’s on your slop chit now”. SLUSH SLUSHY Old sailors’ nickname, now obsolete, for the ship’s Cook.