What does Solemness mean?

What does Solemness mean?

a trait of dignified seriousness
Definitions of solemness. a trait of dignified seriousness. synonyms: sedateness, solemnity, staidness. type of: earnestness, serious-mindedness, seriousness, sincerity.

What is the synonym of reluctant?

Some common synonyms of reluctant are averse, disinclined, hesitant, and loath. While all these words mean “lacking the will or desire to do something indicated,” reluctant implies a holding back through unwillingness.

Is somber a synonym of solemn?

In this page you can discover 76 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for solemn, like: serious, somber, grave, lighthearted, sober, portentous, earnest, dignified, gay, intense and deliberate.

What is another synonym for retort?

Some common synonyms of retort are answer, rejoinder, reply, and response. While all these words mean “something spoken, written, or done in return,” retort implies a reaction to an implicit or explicit charge, criticism, or attack which contains a countercharge or counterattack.

Is Somberness a word?

Meaning of somberness in English. seriousness and sadness: You can sense the collective somberness at the team’s hotel.

What is a synonym for calmness?

self-possession, serenity, tranquillity. (or tranquility), tranquilness.

What are antonyms for reluctant?

The most appropriate antonym of the given word ‘Reluctant’ is ‘Willing’.

What is a solemn attitude?

1 : very serious or formal in manner, behavior, or expression a solemn procession a solemn face. 2 : done or made seriously and thoughtfully a solemn promise. Other Words from solemn. solemnly adverb.

What is the opposite solemn?

Antonyms. frivolous unimportant nonintellectual easy intoxicated.

What is the difference between retort and response?

is that retort is a sharp or witty reply, or one which turns an argument against its originator; a comeback or retort can be (chemistry) a flask with a rounded base and a long neck that is bent down and tapered, used to heat a liquid for distillation while response is (senseid)an answer or reply, or something in the …

What are some antonyms for retort?

antonyms for retort

  • kindness.
  • question.
  • request.
  • sympathy.

What does gloominess mean?

gloominess noun [U] (UNHAPPINESS) the state of being unhappy or without hope: The sheer gloominess of the president’s message has attracted much comment.

What is the noun of somber?

somberness. The state or quality of being somber.

Is Willing a synonym for reluctant?

Synonym Study In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reluctant, like: unwilling, disinclined, afraid, hesitant, loath, hanging back, willing, uncertain, shy, forced and recalcitrant.