What does Thanks anyway mean?

What does Thanks anyway mean?

“Thanks” is a more casual way to say “thank you”. You say “thanks anyway” when you’ve asked someone for help, but they are unable to help you. You say “thanks, though” when you refuse someone offering to help you because you don’t need help. These two may be used interchangeably, though.

Is it thanks anyways or anyway?

Simply put, “anyway” without an S is correct. Always use it without the S. “Anyways” with the S is considered slang, and is a part of nonstandard, colloquial, or informal English. Furthermore, since “anyway” is an adverb and it is impossible for adverbs to be plural.

What is French word thanks?

Merci is the most common way to say “thank you” in French.

Is it rude to say anyway?

By itself it isn’t rude, but it can sometimes be used in a rude way. If someone was talking about something and you either cut them off or waited for them to finish and then said anyway before changing the subject, that might be seen as rude, especially depending on the tone you used.

How do you use thank you anyway?

Thank you anyway is best used when you have asked someone for help, and they explain how they can’t help you. You are thanking them for taking the trouble to explain this to you, and acknowledging acceptance of the fact that they can’t help you.

What’s another word for anyway?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for anyway, like: regardless, nevertheless, anyhow, in-any-case, at-any-rate, after-all, anyways, in any manner, in-any-event, actually and thats.

Is it OK to say merci bien?

You would use “merci bien” as often and in the exact same manner as you would use “thank you kindly” e.g. not very often.

How do you express extreme gratitude in French?

Merci bien If you want to include more emotions, then say merci du fond du coeur. This French expression means thanks from the bottom of my heart. Once again, it’s a strong way to express gratitude to someone. The next one is merci bien which is also used to say thank you in French.

Is thanks anyway polite?

“Thanks anyway” is perfectly acceptable. You could also use phrases such as “I appreciate your help,” or “thanks for trying.” There is no specific phrase I can think of reserved for this scenario, though.

Is it polite to say anyway?

if you are feeling uncomfortable about something and you don’t not wish to talk about it anymore you could say it in a polite sense as anyways so. It’s all in the delivery and the tone in which you speak it.

Can I say Merci a vous?

Merci à toi/ merci à vous You will mostly hear this French thank you as a reply to someone thanking someone else. Think of it as the equivalent of “No, thank you” when you want to emphasize that you are the one who should be thankful, not the person who just thanked you.

How do you say I appreciate it in French?

Thanks, I appreciate it. Merci. Bien gentil. Thanks, I appreciate it.