What does the ho stand for in a GTHO Falcon?

What does the ho stand for in a GTHO Falcon?

HO was officially handling options but we know it was high output giving the 780 Holley and solid cam!

What gearbox is in a BF Falcon?

Ford Falcon (BF)
Engine 4.0 L Barra 190 I6 (petrol) 4.0 L Barra 245T I6 T (petrol) 4.0 L Barra E-Gas I6 (LPG) 5.4 L Barra 230 V8 (petrol)
Transmission Four-speed M93LE automatic (I6) Six-speed 6HP26 automatic Six-speed manual
Predecessor Ford Falcon (BA)

What does SR mean on a Ford Falcon?

special edition Falcon
“The new Falcon SR builds on the success of previous special edition Falcon models, while delivering more additional equipment and features than ever before” Jan 31, 2008 at 10:24am ET.

What was the fastest 4-door car in 1971?

Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III
Documentary: History of the Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III – The Fastest 4-Door Car In The World (In 1971)

How big would an ef6 tornado be?

The F6 tornado would be the granddaddy of all tornadoes. It would have wind speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour at maximum and would be able to lift houses from their foundations like Dorothy’s Kansas home in the Wizard of Oz. Car would become ballistic missiles able to hurl at tremendous speeds.

Did Ford make a XC GT?

These vehicles were built between 1967 and 1976. GT models of either the XC (in lieu, Ford produced the Ford Falcon Cobra range in 1978) or EA were never produced. 593 units built all manual and in “GT Gold” paint.

What is BTR transmission?

ELECTRICAL MANIPULATION. AS WITH all electronically controlled automatic transmissions, the BTR still uses hydraulic control and actuation — the sliding valves that distribute hydraulic pressure to operate the clutches and bands that change the gears are still present.

What gearbox is in XR6 Turbo?

Tremec T56 six-speed manual
Mechanically, it’s limited to the new Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearboxes for the XR6 Turbo and XR8 sedans and utlities, while in sedan form the XR8 also picks up firmer spring rates from the FPV GT. And that’s it for the engineering side.

How much horsepower does a AU Falcon have?

The standard AU range included: Falcon Forté, 4.0L, “Intech” 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW (211 hp), 357 N⋅m (263 lb⋅ft) Falcon Forté, 5.0L, “Windsor” V8, Sedan, 175 kW (235 hp), 395 N⋅m (291 lb⋅ft)