What does the word pathetically means?

What does the word pathetically means?

1 : having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity. 2 : marked by sorrow or melancholy : sad. 3 : pitifully inferior or inadequate the restaurant’s pathetic service.

What does high pathetically mean?

Definition of hypothetically : by making an assumption for the sake of discussion or argument : in a hypothetical way speaking hypothetically In this lucid report …

What type of word is pathetically?

Pathetically is an adverb – Word Type.

What is an example of being pathetic?

The definition of pathetic is someone or something that brings or is capable of bringing about feelings of pity or sorrow. An example of pathetic is a dog with mange. An example of pathetic is a Broadway actor forgetting their lines while on stage. Arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion.

What is a sentence for pathetically?

Pathetically sentence example He fancied he saw something pathetically innocent in that frightened, sickly little face. They look pathetically at you and hold big red hearts and felt flowers and things, in a slightly creepy way.

What is the antonym of pathetically?

▲ Opposite of miserably inadequate, to the point of being deserving of scorn. decent. presentable. respectable.

How do you use pathetically in a sentence?

What is a sentence for pathetic?

4, He derided my singing as pathetic. 5, The starving children were a pathetic sight. 6, The animal gave a pathetic little whimper. 7, It’s pathetic to see fifty-year-old rock stars prancing around on stage as if they were still teenagers.

Is Patheticness a word?

Patheticness definition The state or quality of being pathetic.

How do you use pathetic?

inspiring scornful pity.

  1. The small group of onlookers presented a pathetic sight.
  2. I refused to go along with their pathetic charade.
  3. You’re pathetic!
  4. He derided my singing as pathetic.
  5. His tears were pathetic to witness.
  6. The starving children were a pathetic sight.

How do you spell Patheticness?


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How do you say pathetic in Urdu?

Pathetic Meaning in Urdu is دلسوز. It is written as Dil-soz in Roman Urdu….Pathetic.

Dil Par Asar Karnay Wala دل پر اثر کرنے والا
Riqqat Angaiz رقت انگیز
Dil-soz دلسوز

What is the meaning of pitiable in Urdu?

1) pitiable Pitiable lack of character. Pitiful exhibition of cowardice. رحم دل درد مند دل سوز

What is mean by awkward in Urdu?

Lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance.

What is the synonym of pitiable?


  • cheap,
  • contemptible,
  • cruddy,
  • deplorable,
  • despicable,
  • dirty,
  • grubby,
  • lame,

How do you use pitiable in a sentence?

Pitiable sentence example Still more pitiable was the condition of the court. For some time, however, after Madame du Chatelet’s death he was in a state of pitiable unsettlement. But his Taxation no Tyranny was a pitiable failure.

What is the opposite of awkwardly?

Opposite of in an uncomfortable manner. comfortably. pleasantly. relaxingly. painlessly.

What is the opposite of pitiable?

Antonyms. fortunate happy comfortable achiever lucky privileged successful. hapless piteous pitiful miserable unfortunate.