What episode does Andrea sleep with The Governor?

What episode does Andrea sleep with The Governor?

I Ain’t a Judas.
Take the final scene of Sunday night’s episode, “I Ain’t a Judas.” Andrea, having visited the prison and seen how much her friends changed in the last several months when she was separated from them, returns to Woodbury and sleeps with the Governor.

What did The Governor do with Andrea?

Back in Woodbury, the Governor throws her in a torture cell, strapped to a chair. He then fatally wounds Milton, having come to determine he has turned against him, and leaves them, anticipating that Milton will die, reanimate, and kill Andrea.

Does The Governor like Andrea TWD?

The Walking Dead Andrea and the Governor She ended up being so dazzled by the Governor and all he had to offer her. She eventually became part of the leadership and formed a romantic relationship with the Governor only to find out about his true nature.

Does Andrea join The Governor?

At Woodbury, Andrea becomes involved in the town’s affairs, stepping up as leadership starts lacking. Later on, Andrea becomes engaged in a relationship with Philip Blake, better known as The Governor, until his true motivations are exposed.

Who was the woman in the governor’s bed the walking dead?

Rowan (TV Series)

Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Mid to late 20s
Occupation Unknown

How did Andrea get away from The Governor?

– and she eventually escapes by letting a hoard of zombies loose on him. As luck would have it, the moment she gets to the prison and spies Rick on the lookout (good idea, since he sees ghosts), The Governor pops out and gets her on the ground… she later ends up tied to a chair in a mysterious location.

How did Andrea get away from the governor?

Did Shane and Andrea sleep together?

He urges her to let Rick help her make the choice and not make it for the both of them after confirming their friendship. Later, Andrea and Shane have sex while Lori takes the morning after pills.

Why is Carl so mad at Rick at the end of season 3?

I figured it was because Rick had changed his mind about forfeiting being their leader while losing a game of cement-floor chalk Scrabble the night before or something. The real reason, though, is that Carl is mad about not being allowed to fight the war with everyone else.

Did Michonne save Andrea?

In the first scene of the episode, we revisit Michonne’s first scene on “The Walking Dead,” when she encounters Andrea (Laurie Holden) in the woods and saves her from zombies.