What episode does the governor show up in The Walking Dead?

What episode does the governor show up in The Walking Dead?

The Governor first appears in “Walk with Me”, season 3, episode 3, having forcibly taken Andrea and Michonne from the woods after Merle discovers them near a downed military helicopter.

What episode does the governor come back?

This episode marks the conclusion to the prison story arc in the television series, as well as the conflict with The Governor, which had begun in the third season….Too Far Gone (The Walking Dead)

“Too Far Gone”
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 8
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Written by Seth Hoffman
Original air date December 1, 2013

Does the governor return in season 4?

‘Walking Dead’s’ David Morrissey Returning as Series Regular in Season 4. The British actor initially signed on for one season and will be back as the Governor on the zombie drama.

What episode of Season 4 does the Governor come back?

‘the Walking Dead’: Season 4, Episode 5 Recap the Governor Returns.

Who is the Irish lady in TWD?

Kerry Condon
The Irish actress playing the woman is Tipperary native Kerry Condon, who previously appeared as Octavia in the HBO series Rome. She’s virtually unrecognisable in The Walking Dead, owing to her similiarity to the ‘walkers’ or zombies.

Why didn’t The Governor eat the SpaghettiOs?

The Governor is struggling. He tries to be left alone on his own and he can’t manage that. So he tosses those SpaghettiOs so he doesn’t get close to the family. He doesn’t want to be indebted to anybody.

Why does The Governor keep heads?

While Glenn Rhee prepares an attack to defeat the Governor, Carol Peletier says that they are not murderers and therefore should not go to Woodbury. Michonne added that the Governor kept heads as trophies and confirmation that an attack is coming.

Why did Rick lie about the Governor?

Rick confesses that the Governor gave him a choice – if Rick gives over Michonne, then they can prevent this war. Is that the right answer? Will the Governor just kill them all anyway? Rick lied to his people because they need to be scared.

What is Beth and Daryl relationship?

Beth bonded with Daryl in season 4. They seemed like opposites, with Beth coming from a close family while Daryl lost his family. She became more of a fighter with time and optimistic while Daryl can be more of a pessimistic person. It looked like a romance might start between them, but then Beth died.