What episode does Toby come back in Season 3 PLL?

What episode does Toby come back in Season 3 PLL?

THAT’S TOBY IN A DU-RAG ON MY TELEVISION AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. Previous episode recap, in 140 characters: Spencer snapped, got a PI, told ezra about baby, ezra’s off to see baby, sad aria, hanna got a MIP, creepy detective is back, TOBY = DU-RAG.

What happens in Season 3 in PLL?

Major storylines. Pretty Little Liars season 3 begins 5 months after Mona’s confession. Emily spent her summer building houses in Haiti, Hanna had a random list of things to accomplish, Aria took a photography class and Spencer took a full course load at Hollis.

Who is the body in PLL Season 3?

Series Information Bethany Young was a 17-year-old Radley Sanitarium patient that was murdered the night of Alison’s disappearance. A year later, her body was discovered and incorrectly identified as Alison DiLaurentis.

Why did Toby help Mona season 3?

Toby isn’t a top “A” like Mona. Instead he was a member of the “A Team,” as revealed in season 3, and helped Mona with her devious plans. Toby claims he only joined “A” as a way to keep Spencer safe.

Is Toby evil in PLL?

Toby did team up with Mona back in Season 3, but he only did it so he could find out what really happened to his mother — and, because Toby’s all noble and stuff, to keep Spencer safe from the real A’s evil ways. Toby was always a good guy in a villain’s clothing… which happened to be a black hoodie.

What’s the truth about Toby Cavanaugh?

Toby was the one who met Dr. Sullivan at the diner. Spencer loses her virginity to him in the Lady Killer and later in the episode, the viewers find out that he’s A. A fakes Toby’s death to make Spencer go to Radley, and Toby found about it after Spencer found the body and went to Radley.

Does Toby come back in season 3?

Spencer is the third known member of the A team. In the Season 3 finale “A Dangerous GAme”, it is revealed that Toby is alive. She meets him at a diner, and he reveals he only joined The ‘A’ Team in order to protect her. They get back together and have sex for the second time in a motel.

Why did Toby help Mona Season 3?

Why did CeCe become A?

JJ26 wrote: Basically she had two reasons, the first being that they were happy Alison was gone and the second being that she was addicted to the game(like she said “it felt really good to be good at something”).