What episode of Dance Moms did Abby go on a date?

What episode of Dance Moms did Abby go on a date?

All’s Fair in Love and War
The Abby Lee Dance Company heads to New Jersey with a group number all about love. Before they leave for the competition, the moms take Abby speed dating in the hopes that if she found a man…

What episode does Abby come back in Dance Moms?

“Abby’s Big Comeback” is the first episode of the eighth season of Dance Moms.

How old was NIA in season 4?

Season 4, 2013-14

Start of Season End of Season
Maddie 11 11
Nia 12 13
Paige 12 N/A
Mean Age 11.57 (with Hylands, no Kalani) 11. 6

Do Maddie and Abby still speak?

“We don’t keep in contact,” the former Dance Moms star admitted. Abby Lee underwent spinal surgery in June 2018 while also fighting Burkitt lymphoma. And although Maddie isn’t tapped in to her former teacher’s day-to-day health issues, she did have a few kind words for Abby Lee.

Who wins ChloƩ Kalani?

In the Elite Mini Solo Division, Mackenzie wins 1st Place; in the Elite Junior Solo Division, the announcer says “the first and second place were very, very close”: Chloe is awarded 2nd Place, Kalani wins 1st Place; in the Junior Small Group Division, the ALDC wins 1st Place.

What happened to Abby and Melissa on Dance Moms Chatter?

Abby and Melissa appear on the “Dance Moms Chatter” talk-show along with celebrity blogger Nadine Rajabi and comic Alec Mapa; cast members and comics discuss the show. Abby returns from Hollywood and discovers that her dancers have been slacking off, except for Maddie and Mackenzie.

What happens at Abby’s annual dance recital?

The dancers perform in Abby’s annual recital. Abby assigns Paige the only new solo, which doesn’t go over well with Kelly. Later, the girls compete in a high-fashion photo shoot to win the right to appear on the cover of a major dance magazine.

What happened to the dog in Abby Lee dance company?

Abby receives the remains of her beloved dog, Broadway Baby; Kelly secretly meets with the mothers; Maddie’s star continues to fall, while Nia’s is on the rise. Kelly sneaks her children back into Abby Lee Dance Company; Brooke’s return threatens Payton’s position on the team; Maddie helps to make a girl’s dream come true.

What is the theme of Abby Lee dance company?

In this episode, Abby assigns the girls dances inspired by the political state of America, but all is not fair in politics, especially in the dance world. Maddie and Chloe compete head-to-head, and continuing with the political theme, Abby has the Abby Lee Dance Company vote on who gave the best performance.