What episode of Family Guy is ww2?

What episode of Family Guy is ww2?

Road to Germany
Production. “Road to Germany” is the third episode of Family Guy´s seventh season.

What episode does Stewie go to ww2?

Stewie and Brian use a time machine to go back to Nazi-era Poland and rescue Mort. Stewie and Brian use a time machine to go back to Nazi-era Poland and rescue Mort.

Which episode of Family Guy does the world end?

“Da Boom” is the third and special episode of the second season of the animated comedy series Family Guy and the tenth episode of the series. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on December 26, 1999. The episode features the Griffin family after a nuclear holocaust occurs, due to Y2K on New Year’s Eve.

What does Keineentranzmitplatzmunchen mean?

The doors to the Nazi room and the bathroom in Franz’ house say ‘keineentranzmitplatzmunchen’ and ‘gluckmachnichtenmechwerchtichlieber’, which mean ‘no entry with placecoins’ and ‘I don’t like luck, but I prefer working’, both in very poor German and literally translated.

What episode does Stewie try to take over the world?

With Lois back in Quahog, Stewie escapes with Brian to Washington, D.C. and sets out to initiate his latest plan for world domination.

What episodes of Family Guy have time travel?

Here is every time Stewie and Brian time traveled.

  • The Road to Germany.
  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • Back To The Pilot.
  • Yug Ylimaf.
  • Life of Brian.
  • Christmas Guy.
  • Stewie, Chris & Brian’s Excellent Adventure.

Is Da Boom canon?

#7: “Da Boom” Is Canon Season two’s “Da Boom” is obviously not canon. After all, Y2K destroys the world via a nuclear holocaust, Stewie turns into a tentacled creature, and the ending reveals that it was all a dream of “Dallas’s” Pam Ewing.

Does Family Guy have lore?

With so many seasons and hundreds of episodes, “Family Guy” has built up quite a collection of stories and lore over the years. There are so many characters and events that it can be hard for even dedicated fans to keep up with everything.

What is the most controversial Family Guy episode?

Top 10 Most Controversial Family Guy Episodes

  1. #1: “Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q”
  2. #2: “Partial Terms of Endearment”
  3. #3: “Quagmire’s Dad”
  4. #4: “Turban Cowboy”
  5. #5: “The Simpsons Guy”
  6. #6: “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein”
  7. #7: “A Shot in the Dark”
  8. #8: “Brian & Stewie”