What facility is High Desert State Prison?

What facility is High Desert State Prison?

HDSP has a 35 bed Correctional Treatment Center (CTC) to provide for the health care needs of the inmates. Additionally, HDSP is designed to house inmates with disabilities who require specialized placement to accommodate accessibility issues under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Is High Desert a maximum security prison?

High Desert State Prison is a state prison in unincorporated Clark County, Nevada, near Indian Springs, northwest of Las Vegas….High Desert State Prison (Nevada)

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Coordinates 36.5125°N 115.5822°W
Status Operational
Security class Medium-maximum
Capacity 4176

Is High Desert a PC prison?

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) is a high-security state prison that houses level IV inmates located in Leavitt, Lassen County, California. Opened in 1995, it has a capacity of 2,324 persons….High Desert State Prison (California)

Aerial View
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Population 3,286 (141.4% capacity) (as of April 30, 2020)
Opened August 1995

Is High Desert State Prison closing?

The announced date for deactivating the prison is June 30, 2022, but the legal fight may extend beyond that. And there is a new political dimension. Dahle, the state senator, has announced his candidacy for governor, and one of the pillars of his platform is public safety.

How many prisons are there in Nevada?

There are presently 8 institutions and 11 facilities administered by the Department of Corrections. Their name, location, date of opening, and security designation and population are presented in a chart in the Department’s statistical report that accompanies this document.

What level is High Desert State Prison Nevada?

The current capacity of this prison is 4,176 inmates, and is still expanding as High Desert State Prison becomes the first facility in a complex of several that will make up the Southern Nevada Prison Complex. High Desert State Prison is considered a medium to maximum custody prison.

Does Nevada have private prisons?

Late last month, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law AB183, a bill which would ban the use of private prisons for core services, such as housing and custody. Nevada now joins Iowa, New York, and Illinois in establishing this type of prohibition.