What functional group is Anethole?

What functional group is Anethole?

aromatic compound
Anethole (also known as anise camphor) is an organic compound that is widely used as a flavoring substance. It is a derivative of phenylpropene, a type of aromatic compound that occurs widely in nature, in essential oils. It is in the class of phenylpropanoid organic compounds.

What contains Anethole?

Anethol is a naturally occurring organic compound found in the essential oils of many plants such as anise, fennel, anise myrtle, liquorice as their large component of the odor and flavor. Anethole is a sweet, anise, and balsam tasting compound.

What is Transnethole?

trans-Anethole is the chief component of several essential oils including star anise, anise seed oil and sweet fennel. It is a commercial flavor substance in baked goods, candy,ice cream, chewing gum, and alcoholic beverages.

What is the molar mass of Anethole?

148.2 g/molAnethole / Molar mass

Does fennel contain anethole?

Good varieties of fennel contain 4–6% volatile oil, of which the principal constituents are anethole (50–60%) and fenchone (19–22%). Fenchone is colorless, with a pungent camphoraceous odor and bitter taste.

What does anethole smell like?

Anethole – A clear, colorless to amber liquid. This terpene is found in specific essential oils and used to flavor various foods and cosmetic products. It has a very sweet smell and flavor reminiscent of licorice.

Is anethole polar?

Anethole is a monomethoxybenzene that is methoxybenzene substituted by a prop-1-en-1-yl group at position 4. It has a role as a plant metabolite….3.1Computed Properties.

Property Name Property Value Reference
Topological Polar Surface Area 9.2 Ų Computed by Cactvs (PubChem release 2021.05.07)

What is the scientific name of anise?

Pimpinella anisumAnise / Scientific name

anise, (Pimpinella anisum), annual herb of the parsley family (Apiaceae), cultivated chiefly for its fruits, called aniseed, the flavour of which resembles that of licorice.

What does the name anise mean?

The name Anise is primarily a female name of English origin that means Spice. An ancient spice, the main ingredient in licorice. Known as a romantic name, since anise is fabled to be an aphrodisiac.

Does fennel contain Anethole?

Does fennel have another name?

Fresh fennel, also known as Sweet Anise, Finnochio, Florentine Fennel, and Florence Fennel is an aromatic vegetable, garnish, and flavoring.

Is anise an alcohol?

Anise liqueur is a type of alcoholic drink made or flavored with aniseed or star anise. Most of these types of liqueurs are clear with a strong black licorice taste. Many countries produce types of anise based liquors. These can be served a number of ways, including straight up and on ice.

Is anise a girl name?

Anise Origin and Meaning The name Anise is girl’s name . Name of the licorice plant, this spice comes in the shape of a star, giving this name an extra level of sweetness.

What is the family name for fennel?

UmbellifersFennel / Family

What is fennel related to?

Fennel is a member of the Apiaceae (carrot or parsley family) and is related to cumin, dill, caraway and anise, all of which bear aromatic fruits that are commonly called seeds. It is native to southern Europe but is now naturalized in northern Europe, Australia and North America and is cultivated around the world.

What alcohol is made anise?

Sambuca is made from a distillate of star anise or green anise. Anise is always the main ingredient, and the liqueur also must meet minimum sugar (350 g/L), alcohol (38% abv) and anethole (anise aroma) content requirements.

What is anise made from?

Anise (also called aniseed or sweet cumin) is the seed of the Pimpinella anisum plant. It belongs to the Apiaceae family, which also produces carrots, celery and parsley. While the plant’s leaves and roots are also edible, it’s most well-known for its small, brown seeds.

Can anise be a boys name?

Anise – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.