What happened at Fyresdal?

What happened at Fyresdal?

During his time in the village of Fyresdal Geralt learned of a contract on a monster said to have attacked a merchant and his cart. The merchant in question was very insistent that a witcher investigate this matter and kill the beast. The trail ended as had so many before it – in a cave.

How do I get to Skelliges Most Wanted?

How to Unlock Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted. You can unlock this quest by picking up the notice Witcher Needed! on the notice board at Fyresdal or by directly talking to the Skelliger in Fyresdal.

Can I spare the werewolf Witcher 3?

If you pick the first option, Geralt will tell Margrit to run away and you will be forced to fight the Werewolf again with its remaining HP from the last fight. If you pick the second option, Geralt will leave the Werewolf to kill Margrit and once Geralt goes outside the cave, the Werewolf will ask Geralt to kill him.

Can I save Jorund?

His death is scripted at the end of Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg if one hasn’t completed King’s Gambit yet. However, if King’s Gambit is completed before the contract, the fight will never happen and thus he lives.

What can I do with Wham a Wham?

After hearing his side, you get two options on what to do with Wham-a-Wham:

  1. Fight The Troll (“Won’t get away with this.”) – Able to loot the body afterward and receive a better reward from Gjarr.
  2. Leave Him Alone (“I’ll let this slide. They were asking for it.”) – Gain 25 experience, 50 coins, and some Silver ore.

Should you fight lugos?

It’s more lucrative to fight, although Lugos probably is quite a bit stronger than you (level thirty), but a solo fistfight is pretty easy if you can parry. Beat Lugos and he’ll become much friendlier, tell you about some witcher’s work he’s got for you, and invite you over to his lands.

Can you save Mia the sheep?

You can save the sheep, but just make sure you don’t use Axii, otherwise it will try to stay close during the fight and likely be killed. If you herd it normally it should run to a safe distance when the fight starts.

Should I let the troll live Witcher 3?

The best choice here is to Kill Wham-A-Wham. If you kil him, you will get the Cave Troll Trophy, the relic Steel Sword Caroline, and increased rewards when reporting back to Gjarr.

Should I feed or finish Morkvarg?

If you choose to fight and kill Einar before he tells how he cursed Morkvarg you will be able to loot the cursed fang from him, however the dialogue option to give the cursed fang to Morkvarg won’t appear. In this case you must feed him his own flesh to lift the curse.