What happened Enrico Colantoni?

What happened Enrico Colantoni?

He most recently appeared as Whitman, a pharmaceuticals rep in HBO’s Westworld revival. Colantoni directed two episodes of the TV series iZombie. In 2021-2, he appeared as Brian in the HBO miniseries Station Eleven.

How old is Enrico Colantoni?

59 years (February 14, 1963)Enrico Colantoni / Age

Is there a season 3 of remedy?

On May 1, 2014, Global announced that Remedy had been renewed for a 10 episode second season. On May 22, 2015, show creator, Greg Spottiswood, tweeted that Global had cancelled Remedy.

Who is Enrico Colantoni married to?

Rosanna Francionim. 2011
Nancy Snyderm. 1997–2004
Enrico Colantoni/Spouse

Does Enrico Colantoni really use a cane?

The cane was creator/executive producer Rob Thomas’ idea, but Colantoni did not object to it. In fact, it was just what the doctor ordered.

What is wrong with Keith Mars?

He needs a hip replacement due to his remaining injuries from the car accident, and the holes in his memory are the result of being prescribed conflicting medications. The finale might have devastated Marshmallows and LoVe shippers everywhere, but at least Keith got a happy ending at the end of Season 4.

How tall is Hugh Dillon?

5′ 9″Hugh Dillon / Height

Where is remedy filmed?

Production. Filming took place during April and May 2003, in New Jersey and New York City. The film was produced by Starline Films.

How many episodes of remedy are there?

20Remedy / Number of episodes

Who is Vincent in travelers?

star Enrico Colantoni
Vincent Ingram (Traveler 001 & Traveler 5692), played by guest star Enrico Colantoni, was the host for the proof of concept traveler. 001’s only mission was to travel back to the 21st century, send a message that the teleportation worked successfully, and then die in the 9/11 attack.

Who plays Benedetto in IZombie?

Enrico Colantoni
Detective Benedetto is a character on IZombie who debuts in Season 2. He is portrayed by Enrico Colantoni.

Is Veronica Keith’s daughter?

Keith receives the results of the paternity test. Keith asks Veronica to sign an agreement stopping her from making any future claim against the Kanes. Veronica signs the agreement without hesitation and without knowledge as to the true identity of her father. Keith informs Veronica that she is his biological daughter.

Why did Penn bomb Neptune?

The nail shrapnel that ended up in his back came from the string art in the motel’s lobby. The bombings orchestrated by Penn were his attempts to gain glory and notoriety in a world that didn’t value or believe him.

Who is Hugh Dillon married to?

Midori FujiwaraHugh Dillon / Spouse

Is Country remedy a true story?

True story adapted for the screen from the stories in the book The Window of Childhood by pediatrician Dr Olson Huff.

Is there a remedy movie?

Remedy is a 2005 American crime drama directed by Christian Maelen and written by Sandy Eiges, Nicholas Reiner, and Charlotte Wise. The film stars Maelen, Arthur Nascarella, Jon Doscher, Frank Vincent, Vincent Pastore, and Chuck Zito.

How many seasons of remedy are there?

2Remedy / Number of seasons