What happened in January 2 1942 in the Philippines?

What happened in January 2 1942 in the Philippines?

By late December, MacArthur had to pull his forces back defensively to the Bataan Peninsula–the original strategy belatedly pursued. By January 2, 1942, the Philippine capital of Manila fell to the Japanese.

What happened in World war 2 in the Philippines?

Japan launched a surprise attack on the Philippines on December 8, 1941, just ten hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Initial aerial bombardment was followed by landings of ground troops both north and south of Manila.

Why did the Japanese captured the Philippines during World war 2?

The Japanese planned to occupy the Philippines as part of their plan for a “Greater East Asia War” in which their Southern Expeditionary Army Group seized sources of raw materials in Malaya and the Netherlands East Indies while the Combined Fleet neutralized the United States Pacific Fleet.

Why did Douglas MacArthur promise to return to the Philippines?

MacArthur Gains Support for his Plan With the inclusion of Nimitz’s forces, he set plans in place to land in the Philippines to liberate the country and his men from the Japanese forces. The invasion began on October 20, 1944, two and a half years since MacArthur was forced to leave the country.

When Bataan fell in April 1942 most US and Filipino soldiers who surrendered to the Japanese?

When Bataan fell in April 1942, most US and Filipino soldiers who surrendered to the Japanesesuccumbed to disease and starvation in Bataan. were forced to build their own POW camp. were executed by the Japanese soldiers who captured them.

Did the Philippines help in ww2?

MacArthur ordered the mobilization of the Philippine Army beginning on 1 September, 1941. Elements of 10 Filipino reserve divisions were to be called into the service of the United States Army by 15 December. Battalions were not organized by the time of the Japanese invasion in December.

Who won in World war 2 Philippines?

The final liberation of the Philippines at the end of World War II released Filipinos from years of torment—but recognition of their courage and sacrifice was slow in coming. Seventy-five years ago, Japan officially surrendered aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.