What happened Primal Rage?

What happened Primal Rage?

With their market dwindling away, Atari feared that Primal Rage II wouldn’t make enough money to recoup development costs much less turn a profit. Shortly into the game’s development timeline, it was canceled. For years after, disappointed fans made their voices heard on early online message boards.

Who currently owns Primal Rage?

Atari Games

Primal Rage
Developer(s) Atari Games
Publisher(s) Arcade Atari Games Home Ports NA: Time Warner Interactive EU: Warner Interactive Entertainment Europe
Producer(s) Dennis Harper J. Cameron Petty Mark Stephen Pierce
Designer(s) Frank Kuan J. Cameron Petty

Is there a Primal Rage 2?

Primal Rage II (also can be known as simply just Rage II) is the cancelled sequel to Primal Rage. It started development in 1996 and was set to be released in 1997, but the game was cancelled due to the shrinking popularity of arcades. The game would feature avatars of the gods as playable characters.

What system is Primal Rage on?

Primal Rage is a Arcade Fighting game ported to the PlayStation by Atari. The story has a apocalyptic story line as the world goes back to the Pre-Histories when a meteor hits Earth (now Urth). Seven Creatures Emerge and reek havoc on the people.

What does Primal Rage mean?

It’s an emotion that can instantaneously engulf our entire being—a red hot feeling that can send all rational thought and genuine self-interest down the toilet in a nanosecond.

Does Genji love Mercy?

That’s right, Genji and Mercy might be dating. Eeeek! Recent patches made to the game haven’t been live for long on the test servers — in addition to a traumatic Roadhog nerf to his hook — but they also include some brand new voice lines between Genji and Mercy in which they chat about sending each other chocolates.

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