What happened to Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM Radio?

What happened to Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM Radio?

As a result of the Sirius-XM merger, Classic Vinyl and Top Tracks merged on November 12, 2008. Although the Classic Vinyl name was carried over, the on-air format is largely that of Top Tracks, with the DJs from Classic Vinyl making on-air appearances.

Who is the DJs on the Sirius Classic Vinyl?

Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin (born December 2, 1953) is an American radio disc jockey, currently heard on the Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels The Loft, Classic Vinyl, The Beatles Channel, and Deep Tracks.

What’s the best classic rock station on SiriusXM?

Classic Rock Hits (Ch. Jam with the great classic rock tunes stretching from the 60s and through the 80s. It’s no wonder why Classic Rock Hits radio is one of the most popular channels in the SiriusXM Business music lineup.

What happened to Classic Vinyl and classic rewind on Sirius?

Classic Rewind is a classic rock radio station on Sirius XM Radio, which centers on the Mid 1970s and 1980s, picking up musically where Classic Vinyl ends. It is heard on channel 25 on Sirius XM Radio. It can also be heard on Dish Network channel 6025.

What happened to 60s on six Sirius?

The last logo for The ’60s on 6 was the same, but “The” is phased out on the left, and adds the “on 6” info at the right. In October 2021, SiriusXM announced that the station would move to channel 73 on the SiriusXM service on November 3, and that the station’s name would simultaneously change to ’60s Gold.

What classic rock stations are on SiriusXM?


  • U2 X-Radio. The Whole World of U2.
  • Classic Vinyl. ’60s/’70s Classic Rock.
  • The Bridge. Mellow Classic Rock.
  • SiriusXMU. Indie & Beyond.
  • Lithium. 90s Alternative/Grunge.
  • Octane. New Hard Rock.
  • The Spectrum. Classic Rock Meets New Rock.
  • Alt Nation. New Alternative Rock.

What happened to Sirius XM Channel 26?

SiriusXM’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio channel will move from its normal home on the SiriusXM Internet Radio App to the Classic Vinyl station, channel 26, starting Thursday April 10th at 5 p.m. ET, and running through Sunday, April 13th.

What are some classic rock albums on Classic Vinyl?

Playing the premiere titles from the most influential classic rock albums of the ’60s and ’70s, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers Band, plus gems from Traffic, Van Morrison and The Doors. Early classics on Classic Vinyl.

What do original Beatles vinyl records look like?

Original pressings of the vinyl also came with a piece of card with numerous cut-outs including a drooping moustache, sergeant stripes and a stand of the four Beatles.

Are the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers on vinyl?

Sticky Fingers on vinyl, however, is a different story. Recorded over two years in three locations (Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, frontman Mick Jagger ’s own country home and Olympic Studios in London), Sticky Fingers was the first LP by The Rolling Stones to be released on their own Rolling Stones Records.

Does megless still have his original vinyl?

A true record collector, he’s proud to say he still has all of his original “classic vinyl!” A bona-fide radio legend and one of a handful of DJs celebrated in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum, “Megless” actually went to school to be a veterinarian, but after getting a gig at a college radio station, she was hooked.