What happened to EB Games in Canada?

What happened to EB Games in Canada?

EB Games has entirely rebranded as ‘GameStop’ in Canada, following the company’s announcement regarding the change at the end of July.

Why is GameStop called EB Games in Canada?

In a press release, GameStop simply noted that it’s making the change in Canada in response to “feedback from our valued customers and stockholders.” The company originally launched in Canada in 1993 as “Electronics Boutique,” although the name would later be changed to EB Games.

Who is EB Games supplier?

These stores operate under the EB Games and Zing Pop Culture brands. EB Games’ headquarters is located in Eagle Farm, Queensland (a suburb of Brisbane). The company is a subsidiary of GameStop.

Is EB Games a Canadian company?

GameStop Corp said on Wednesday that Canadian stores of its subsidiary EB Games will assume the videogame retailer’s brand and name by the end of the year. Grapevine, Texas-based GameStop had acquired EB Games’ owner Electronic Boutique Holdings Corp in 2005 for more than $1 billion.

Was EB Games bought by GameStop?

EB Games and GameStop merger On Thursday, October 6, 2005, shareholders from EB Games and GameStop agreed to a $1.44 billion takeover deal. The deal offered $38.15 in cash as well as approximately ¾ of a share of GameStop stock for every 1 share of EB Games stock.

How many EB Games are there in Canada?

about 4,000 stores
EB has about 4,000 stores across Canada, with operations in Australia, New Zealand, and countries across Europe, according to its LinkedIn page.

Do you get commission at EB Games?

8 No Commission There are many stores and jobs that run this way and it’s generally viewed as a way to spread the wealth the company makes through an abundance of sales to the employees making these sales. This is not the case with EB Games and GameStop however, as there is no commission program for their employees.