What happened to Rachael from Packed to the Rafters?

What happened to Rachael from Packed to the Rafters?

Jessica Marais, who played Rachel Rafter on the series, was originally slated to reprise her role. However, in February 2020, she announced she would be pulling out of the series due to “personal reasons”.

Why is Rachel not on Back to the Rafters?

Jessica was initially set to reprise her role of Rachel Rafter, after previously starring on the beloved Channel Seven drama from 2008 until 2013. Last year, fans were shocked when Jessica pulled out of the much-anticipated Amazon Prime reboot Back To The Rafters due to mental health reasons.

Did Rachel from Packed to the Rafters?

The creators of the hotly anticipated Packed To The Rafters reboot series have announced a brand new cast member, who will take on the much-loved role of Rachel Rafter. It comes after actress Jessica Marais last month revealed she would no longer be reprising her role in the iconic TV show.

Does Rachel return in Back to the Rafters?

Rachel Rafter (Georgina Haig) Jessica Marais won’t be returning to the role of Rachel. Instead, Georgina Haig – of Once Upon A Time and Secret Bridesmaid’s Business fame – will be stepping into the role.

What season did Rachel leave Packed to the Rafters?

fourth season
Jessica Marais, who plays Rachel Rafter, announced on 15 February 2011 that the fourth season will be her last season of Packed to the Rafters. Her final episode was announced to air sometime in June or July 2011, but new episodes had yet to air.

Does Rachel have a baby on Packed to the Rafters?

Rachel will raise her daughter as a solo mother. Tess – surprisingly – has kids, but no relationship with them. Edward’s mother is not in the picture, making Nathan the centre of his universe. And Cassie will still be a mother, with her and Ben deciding to pursue adoption.

Was Rachel pregnant in Packed to the Rafters?

Jessica Marais abruptly pulled out of the Packed to the Rafters reboot last month. And on Wednesday, the actress’ replacement Georgina Haig was spotted filming outdoor scenes as a pregnant Rachael Rafter in Sydney.

Do Jake and Rachel break up Packed to the Rafters?

While working on the show, the actor fell in love with his co-star Jessica Marais (who played Rachel Rafter), but the pair have since split.