What happened to the Lost Voice Guy?

What happened to the Lost Voice Guy?

Following the success of my huge 2022 UK tour, I am happy to announce that I’m heading back to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2022 with my show, Cerebral LOLsy. Tickets are on sale now.

Who won BGT series 12?

The twelfth series was won by stand-up comedian Lost Voice Guy, with comic singer & pianist Robert White finishing in second place, and reggae singer Donchez Dacres in third place. During its broadcast, the series averaged 8.34 million viewers.

How does Lost Voice Guy communicate?

The comedian pre-records these routines and plays them via a voice synthesizer on a iPad. Ridley uses Proloquo4Text for daily communication. The text-based app allows him to type what he wants to say with the phrase then spoken out loud by one of 100 voices available on the platform in 18 different languages.

Who is the voice of lost voice?

winner Lee Ridley
Britain’s got Talent winner Lee Ridley, who is best known as Lost Voice Guy, has found a new voice with a Geordie accent. The comedian from Consett in County Durham has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak.

Did the Lost Voice Guy win Britain’s got talent?

Lee Ridley (born 31 December 1980), better known by his stage name the Lost Voice Guy, is an English stand-up comedian. Disabled since early life, and unable to speak, he rose to prominence in June 2018 after winning the 12th series of Britain’s Got Talent.

What is wrong with Lee Ridley?

Ridley is originally from Consett, County Durham. At the age of six months he was diagnosed with a neurological form of cerebral palsy, brought about by a brain infection that left him in a coma for two months, which affected his movement and rendered him unable to speak.

Where is Lee Ridley now?

Lee Ridley, 41, is a comedian and author with cerebral palsy who is unable to speak, but uses a communication device. In April last year, he chose voice-over artist, Dan Pye, who grew up in Whickham and currently lives in Hunwick, County Durham, to be his new voice donor.

How old is Lee Ridley?

41 years (December 31, 1980)Lee Ridley / Age

Who won bgt2022?

Axel Blake
The season 15 star has been crowned! After seven weeks of auditions and performances, the Britain’s Got Talent season 15 winner was finally revealed.

Who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2019?

pensioner Colin Thackery
Chelsea pensioner Colin Thackery won the BGT final in 2019. The big day took place on Sunday 2nd June, live at the Hammersmith Apollo, with Colin joined by favourites magician X and dog act Dave and Finn.

Who is the most successful Britain’s Got Talent?

Britain Got Talent Season 10: Richard Jones (2016) He is one of the most successful BGT winners of all time and the first magician to win the show.

What is Marc spelmann doing now?

After BGT. In 2019, Spelmann returned to the show under the mystery act of X. His act was described as a mystery person with a white mask.

Where does Matt Edwards live?

Berlin, Germany
Matthew (Matt) Edwards (born 4 June 1975) is an English electronic music producer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany.