What happened to the Snowdens sister wife?

What happened to the Snowdens sister wife?

Christeline married Dimitri, 41, in July 2020, as she joined his spiritual wife Ashley, 36, and their three children. Christeline filed a restraining order against Dimitri and Ashley in March 2021, as he then requested a divorce from her in May of that year.

What happened between crystalline and the Snowdens?

Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Peterson’s marriage is over. Dimitri, star of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, filed for divorce on Tuesday, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. Dimitri listed their date of separation as Jan. 21, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

Is Christine still married to the Snowdens?

As for Chrissy, it appears she did not last very long with the Snowdens as well. Even though fans watched as Chrissy accepted Dimitri’s proposal and went through with their wedding, things also did not work out. Dimitri filed for divorce from Chrissy in May 2021, In Touch confirmed.

What does Mr Snowden from Seeking Sister Wife do?

Dimitri owns an IT company — that is actually how he met Ashley, who was teaching at the time and her computer was always breaking — and according to his Instagram bio, he is an ontological architect.

What happened to the Mcgees from Seeking Sister Wife?

On June 15, 2019, Bernie died unexpectedly while out riding his bike. Paige shared the details in a Facebook post on a fan page and explained that he had suffered a heat stroke and heart attack at the same time and, by the time she arrived on the scene, the paramedics had done all they could.

Are crystalline and Dimitri still married?

Christeline and Dimitri were married in July 2020, but it did not take long for the marriage to take a turn. According to People, by January 2021, their separation was official and Dimitri cited irreconcilable differences as the cause for their split.

Did Dimitri and crystalline get married?

The whole ordeal ultimately led Dimitri to file for divorce from Christeline back in May claiming she “abandoned their marriage” and “he doesn’t know her whereabouts.” Dimitri and Christeline got married on July 9, 2020 and the date of separation was listed as January 21, 2021.

Did Dimitri marry crystalline?

Are the Snowdens legally married?

Ashley and Dimitri were never legally married. Instead, they apparently opted for a spiritual union. They had called themselves husband and wife on the TLC reality show.

Is Paige McGee married?

Bernie McGeePaige McGee / Spouse (m.?–2019)

Are Ashley and Dimitri married?

Did Vanessa and Dimitri get married?

Over the season, Vanessa got to know Dimitri and Ashley as she decided whether or not to join their polygamist lifestyle. Ultimately, Vanessa chose to marry Dimitri and be the sister-wife the couple was searching for.

How many children do Ashley and Dimitri have?

Ashley Snowden Shares Three Children With Dimitri Snowden Instead of traditional marriage, Ashley and Dimitri opted for a spiritual union. Together, Ashley and Dimitri have three young children.

Did the McGee’s find a sister wife?

After their home burned down, they searched for a potential sister-wife. However, due to ongoing jealousy issues, the two were unable to find the right match. Aside from his polygamy journey, Bernie was described as someone who was full of life.

Did the winders find a sister wife?

We have some Winder family updates to share with you next Thursday, April 7th, so stay tuned!” they revealed. Colton Winder and his family joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife in 2019, during season 2. He’s married to both Tami and Sophie Winder.