What happens if you wake a hibernating hedgehog?

What happens if you wake a hibernating hedgehog?

If you do accidentally disturb a hibernation nest, cover it back over with a thick layer of dry leaves and perhaps leave some dog food and water nearby, so if the hedgehog does wake up, he can easily find something to eat before he goes to find a new hibernation spot and rebuilds his nest.

How do hedgehogs prepare for hibernation?

To prepare for their hibernation, hedgehogs eat as much as they can during autumn. To build up good fat reserves for winter, they munch all the beetles, caterpillars and earthworms they can find.

What causes hedgehogs to hibernate?

Hedgehog hibernation attempts come from one root issue, low temperature in their habitat. Any significant and sustained decrease in room temperature can be all it takes to initiate the process of hibernation. A lot of breeders and vets use the rule of 68°F is the start of the danger zone.

How long does it take for a hedgehog to come out of hibernation?

An animal in this state is said to be in torpor – rather than asleep. Wild hedgehogs in colder climates often hibernate for around 6 months, though this is decreasing as the global climate warms.

Do hedgehogs look dead when hibernating?

A hibernating hedgehog will be completely rolled up into a tight ball with no face visible. You can tell that the hedgehog is hibernating and not dead by the fact that it will ‘ripple’ when touched very gently. It may also emit a little ‘snore’!

What do hedgehogs eat after hibernation?

If you would like to offer supplementary food, then hedgehogs like meaty cat and dog food offered on a saucer or plate that’s close to the ground. If you don’t have pets, then you can also buy hedgehog specific food which is nutritionally balanced and designed for them.

Do hedgehogs wake during hibernation?

As previously mentioned, hedgehogs will hibernate as soon as the food supply starts to run out and air temperatures drop, typically from October to around March/April. However, this hibernation period is not just one big snooze for a hedgehog, in fact hedgehogs will wake quite frequently during hibernation.

What temp do hedgehogs hibernate?

It’s incredible to note that hedgehogs stop being warm blooded creatures, as this state often uses up too much energy. A comfortable surrounding temperature for hedgehogs to hibernate effectively is around 5 degrees, and freezing conditions must be avoided.

Do hedgehogs wake up during hibernation?

Do hedgehogs hibernate alone?

They are solitary creatures and will hibernate alone in the wild. Strangely, hedgehogs kept in captivity will often choose to share a nest. Once they have chosen their spot, they will start to build a nest. The hedgehog will bring back nesting materials a little at a time and wedge them into its chosen corner.

Are hibernating hedgehogs stiff?

There are actually a few ways you can tell the difference between a hibernating hedgehog and a dead one. When a hedgehog hibernates, it balls up into a tight ball, so if it’s laid out flat then it’s most likely dead.

Where do hedgehogs sleep when they hibernate?

During winter hibernation, a hedgehog will generally sleep in a nest that they have built especially in thick undergrowth or under piles of leaves.

Do hedgehogs hibernate in pairs?

Does a hibernating hedgehog look dead?

Can I move a hibernating hedgehog?

5. Can I move a hibernating hedgehog? No, by moving a hibernating hedgehog you are at risk of waking it, and therefore using up a large quantity of their fat store which they need to make it through the winter. So, please leave a hibernating hedgehog alone.